Friday, June 22, 2012


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  1. Obv. this is directed at his cocksucking interior decorator boyfriend?

  2. ^how does it feel to come first, Capn?

    I would only be turned on if that had been read out by Sir Stephen Fry.

  3. And so begins the 50 Shades jokes, but being as this is one of the first I thought it was fun

  4. I wish that book and its author would die.

  5. he missed gun barrel grey

  6. oooh.. that’s what this is about. @3&4.. are you embarrassed that you knew what this was in reference to?

  7. Well, I usually try to avoid coming first…but, you know, every now and then…

  8. Unless you live under a rock, I think it was fairly obvious what that status was in reference to.

  9. I must be living under a rock then, because I’m clueless.

  10. Isn’t that horrible…I wouldn’t have had a clue, either. A recent lamebook post was my first sighting of a reference to that bullshit.

  11. I’d like to join the “living under a rock” club, then. I’ve got no clue, either.

  12. Living under a rock in this case is not a bad thing if you live outside the US. But if you live in the US and don’t know this, it proves you don’t know or have any contact with women.

  13. ^ Not quite. It just proves you don’t know or have any contact with stupid women.

  14. Can I just say….. He didnt say “Sasha Grey”

  15. I was 50 shades of high on PCP when I got a hummer from Dave’s mom.

  16. How the fuck did he forget heather grey?

  17. I feel like I should apologize for having known nothing about this Twilight spin-off… then I remember that I’m an adult. With an I.Q. higher than 43.

  18. #16 not only did he forget Heather Grey, but he used Dark Grey twice. Perfect spot for it there.

  19. beatus, you are a wise man.

  20. Mountbatten Pink???????

  21. Imamofo Tip of the Day:

    Women, liberate yourselves sexually by allowing your partner to truss you up like a fucking thanksgiving turkey before spunking in your face.

    If you read this comment you can save yourself money by not buying the book, as I have basically summed it up in one sentence.

  22. @Imamofo that actually sounds kinda hot.

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