Thursday, March 1, 2012

Apocalyptic Win!

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  1. For once, the word ‘literally’ is not an embellishment.

  2. What about a shelter full of Lamebookers?

  3. ^ I’d call dibs on bunking with Bacchante.

  4. Dawn of the Dan

    Stever would be the first one through the door.

  5. Only one letter of the person’s name was given to protect their privacy because their status update was so inaccurate.

  6. Steeever would probably be the first one to be killed, too, as everyone would be annoyed with his Pokemon-like shouting of his own name all the time.

  7. I bet this guy is more of a WoW guy. Its a more mature game, afterall.

  8. The sun actually does have an orbit, around the center of the universe.

    All other points are valid.

  9. ^ Nope. The sun orbits the centre of the Milky Way galaxy. Settled.

  10. muh bad

  11. I really think that ‘R’ nailed it.

  12. But everything, including the sun, revolves around the center of the universe. So I am right, doucher.

  13. And the center of the universe is…?

    That’s right. New York City.

  14. we’re only sharing a sun shelter if you guys promise to FUCK THE SHIT OUT OF ME!

  15. Wonderful, miley. You can bunk with freddy and me. I promise that and more.

  16. R would have killed it if he/she used more brevity.

  17. I’ll bring a sybian in case Miley wears us all out.

  18. yeah, more brevity in my pussy

  19. Wait, you think all the galaxies orbit the “center of the universe?” That would mean that space is finite, which, as far as we know, it is not. Also, according to studies of galaxies blue-shifting and red-shifting, most galaxies are speeding _away_ from the Milky Way and each other. The universe is ever expanding.

    Pick up an astrophysics book, even if its just The Universe in a Nutshell by Stephen Hawking (written for lay people.)

  20. themanwhosoldtheworld

    just being miley, you can be three things.
    Either a very sad little punk with a small dick, max 15 years old. or you’re an ugly fat woman, who knows the only way to be involved with sex is by spreading it out on the internets.
    or you are actually a nymfo, in case you’re still ugly. As that is just how nature works.

  21. square robot.. current theory actually is that the universe is finite.. it is only as big as it has expanded to, nothing outside of it – there was also nothing before it, it “has” to be the case due to the lack of mass in the universe… just saying

  22. # 20, don’t judge miley based on your sad experiences. I imagine miley as a nubile little nympho with gorgeous pink nipples and a penchant for leather and lace….

  23. miley is a dream sub.

  24. Nah, I think she’d be a mouthy little thing and not submissive enough for some…

  25. she can’t gag on 12″ of black latex and be mouthy at the same time.
    But she seems to be game for pretty much anything.
    I admire that kind of ‘can-do’ attitude

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