Thursday, March 1, 2012

The Irony…

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  1. Um, this isn’t ironic. That’s not what ironic means.

  2. hypocritical at best.

  3. It’s a bit ironic. Not in that funny of a way, but the person could mean that you’d expect her to be anti-birth control (or pro-having lots of babies) based on her many babies, so it’s ironic that she would express a pro-birth control (anti-having lots of babies) photo.

  4. I was under the impression that the picture was posted by the person that supposedly put the condoms in the women’s cart, in which case it wouldn’t be ironic because the woman with kids most likely didn’t want them there.

  5. something tells me that the woman at Walmart wasn’t white, but since Shannon is… her having 7 kids is perfectly normal and acceptable, but the woman at walmart with 6 kids, inappropriate!

    The fact that she named some of her kids Cris, Chiyene, and Zachery is far more offensive to me. How the fuck do you even pronounce Chiyene. I guess they were shooting for Cheyenne, but they also could pronounce it “Shy-een” with that miserable spelling

  6. OH, nevermind, like an idiot I didn’t read the whole post to see that Shannon had a shit ton of kids. Please excuse my ignorance.

  7. analrapist, it also strikes me as a bit ‘Ironic’ that you’re accusing someone of being racist, but then assume a woman with a lot of children is black.

  8. i hate anthropomorphic cows.. dumb ones especially! U need to be docked and raped in your anous!!

  9. I hate anyone who has more than two children in the over-populated world we live in. Seven really pisses me off. Now that I think about it, two is pushing it.

  10. Well I don’t think the issue is lots of kids. I think that the woman at Walmart did not have them under control, and they were causing a scene. I’m one of seven but there were never more than three of us under eight so my mom never had such a spectacle with us. Maybe Shannon is the same way

  11. ^you must be so proud of your rabbits

  12. Perhaps Shannon has adopted seven children and is hoping people will stop making more than they can cope with?

  13. Though Sarah suggests not.

  14. Perhaps Shannon is just an alias Angelina Jolie uses on facebook.

  15. I actually respect people that have a lot of kids and do well with it. If I had seven kids I would blow my brains out.

  16. This is obviously just fake. I’ve seen that status copied several times before, and it’s a little strange that only one of her seven kids has a profile picture. Either they’re kids who would probably love to put up pictures of themselves, or she made the profiles for her small children so she could show them off on facebook, in which case it’s even more likely they’d have photos.


  17. it’s not fake you idiot, Shannon is obviously poking fun at herself. Her friend wrote “oh the irony” knowing Shannon has a shit ton of kids and is amused at this oft re-posted status update.

    More importantly, did Ms. Anne die????? I hope she comes back as Snooki’s baby

  18. THAT would be ironic

  19. I’m guessing the woman in Walmart was black. I’ll also assume that Shannon is a fucking hillbilly. Which is better? Neither, they should both have their entire families lined up and shot. Both as equally as horrid.

  20. Who else thinks that in the week before Father’s Day she’s hitting Hallmark and buying 7 cards for 7 baby daddies….5 of whom are in lock up!

  21. @nycbunny.
    your racist, bigoted and prejudice comments are unwelcome. Have some class, respect and humanity.

    And before you respond with something snarky, I am none of the things you mentioned, nor do I have several brothers and sisters. I am in fact, a decent human being.

  22. Class, respect, and humanity? On this site? You’ve obviously never been here before.

  23. ^ you got in moments before i was about to say the same thing

  24. laddymischief: You are a decent human being because you’re not black? I think you’re the one lacking in humanity and stuff.

  25. I’m a little at a loss as to why that pouting cunt laddymischief singled nycbunny out as a recipient for her bitching and moaning.
    ‘Decent human being’ my arse. You’re a fucking bully.

  26. @Laddymischief:
    You’re welcome.

  27. ^ Oh the irony lmao

  28. uhh why would you even want to have a baby? if your body was actually meant to have babies it wouldn’t hurt so fucking much! if you have a baby you fucked up!

  29. ^ I’m wondering if you say the same thing about exercising…

  30. Yup, people need more birth control.

  31. ^^ I’m wondering if miley says the same thing about fisting. Sure it may have hurt the first 5 times, but after that, things just loosen up a bit…

  32. butterscotchcandy

    @someone, you can add people to your “family” on Facebook without them having an account. She probably just listed all her kids that way because most of them are likely too young to use it.

  33. @Bacchante, fisting doesn’t hurt.

  34. ^bullshit. it squeezes my metacarpus something ferocious.

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