Wednesday, February 29, 2012

You Shall Not Piss!

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  1. dan_fargis_is_a_f_a_g


  2. Well, we really can’t expect much from a guy named PJ.

  3. vaginalroundhouse

    Yeah fuck the Peanut Butter and Jelly man.

  4. And believe it or not, this guy’s status makes more sense than any of the ones I’ve ever seen on my page.

  5. “I am such a loser it’s ridiculous.”

    Wanna stop being a loser? You can start by not being someone who goes by “P.J.” after age 12.

  6. ^unlike PJ Harvey? fuck you.

  7. …although if this was Ms Harvey’s status, I would <3 her even more. Let England Shake, indeed.

  8. Methinks P.J. needs to get laid

  9. No self respecting woman would yell P.J. during sex.

  10. themanwhosoldtheworld

    with the name P.J. I expect an Indian fat idiot, with glasses. don’t know why.

  11. If I had sex with PJ Harvey I would respectfully refer to her as ‘Ms. Harvey’ at all times…

  12. Awkward…..

  13. ^oh man, I wouldn’t say that around these jackals…

  14. What if his parents actually christened him PJ? Some parents are really, really cruel.

  15. Someone christened a kid “P.J.” ? With the dots and all? Cos that’s what he has in his status. Dots.

    …and not a flag in sight. Flags make me hard.

  16. Waiting in line at a urinal? I thought that only happened on halftime at sporting events.

  17. Who is Halftime? And do they only like getting pissed on at sporting events? Oh, did you mean AT halftime? Sorry.

  18. slicingupeyeballs

    You’d think after his knighthood Peter Jackson would use s.P.j.

    Good to see he still has his nerd on though…

  19. Well this is the second post I’ve seen of this same story, so Way to be original!! Loser

  20. ohhhh myyyy I know this guy. He’s actually one of the funniest guys I know. Pippin is the name of the dining hall at our college. The dorms are Lord of the Rings themed (weird), and I feel like the status makes more sense put into that perspective.

  21. Anyone who trys to be intellectual about pee , is a faggot. “extremely hydrated pee” , so, you drank a lot of water. Big fucking deal.

  22. uhlalalana – could you solve the mystery for us? What would possess this person to go by the name of P.j.? Aren’t you all embarrassed for him?

    ToTheFlames – intellectualism (even of the faux variety) has fuck-all to do with sexual proclivities, you sad little boy.

  23. He’s just PJ. There is no other explanation. His real name is Ian, but I guess when your parents call you PJ your entire life, that’s who you become. I’ve never seen a problem with it, and none of our friends have ever questioned it. It only became a real issue when the Lamebook dwellers made fun of him for it, which none of us really understand. Especially coming from people like “vaginalroundhouse” and “Floyd_the_barber”.

  24. Hey, I didn’t make fun of him.
    I was pretty bitterly disappointed to find out he was a dude, though – that took ALL the fun out of the scenario.

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