Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Stupendous Status!

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  1. 1 & 3 were ok. 2 I just don’t get. What’s a Kirby?

  2. I’ve always wondered about #3, too.

  3. Can’t believe lamebook allowed #3. That picture is up EVERYWHERE on facebook pages. It isn’t original and it isn’t even funny. Then again (in before the flames), most of the posts on here aren’t original.

  4. Which picture is that, derrrrrrr?


  6. ^ wrong website, crappy crap crap like that belongs at Regretsy.

  7. stu·pen·dous
    [stoo-pen-duhs, styoo-]
    causing amazement; astounding; marvelous: stupendous news. ie. not this collection of pus.

  8. Fuck off, ameliargh. HAVE YOU NO SHAME?!?

    Although I must blame MsAnne and beatus for eating spam last week and probably encouraging the satiring cumstains into coming back again.

  9. I admit, I did partake. Spamming is still evil.

  10. eh. fuck it.
    it’s just one small line of shit, Bacchante.
    And it’s not as bad, in fact it is preferable, to some of the comments on this site. Frankly, it’s easier to ignore that one line of spam than ignore anything that comes out of yodawg. Or that halfwit ripp3r.

  11. The same option is available when it comes to a velour suit, post 3. Just make the right choice.

  12. Don’t try that misdirection shit on me, MsAnne. I actually find yodawg very easy to ignore.

    Links to other websites make me feel torn though (and not in the fun way). “What if I’m missing something humorous / educational / insightful over there…? But fuck you spammer, you don’t control me. I’m staying right here”.

    You see my quandary?

  13. i can solve your quandry.
    That site is 2nd rate crap. the ‘jokes’ are mildly amusing if you are 13 years old and haven’t read very many jokes before.

  14. Let me clarify: links to unknown websites make me feel torn.
    I already KNOW that the shit on satiring is going to be underwhelming.

  15. having a bad week, dear? you seem a might tetchy.

  16. Really? No, not at all…

  17. Must be just me, then. I’m hypersensitive to other people’s moods, you know. It’s what makes me so warm and fuzzy.

  18. Hah! I’ve always thought that about you!!

  19. the first one is stolen from Mayhem (from the allstate insurance commercials)… he posted it on his facebook status and this Joel schmuck most likely saw it and swiped it and claimed it as his own because he’s too lame to come up with his own original funny stuff

  20. Most of the shit on the internet is stolen. Why do you think old rich people hate it so much?

  21. What? Kirby is stupid. We would have evolved different skin/skeleton/eyes and be very protected against that kind of rain. OR the demand for protective gear would skyrocket, and the price would go down.

  22. You don’t really understand supply and demand, huh?

  23. Not a fan of most of the posts, but the subsequent comments make me feel all warm and fuzzy, reminiscent of BOTB….

  24. @wingspan, good point regarding evolution. Regarding price of protective gear, you are a stupid cunt. Simply put, when demand goes up, price goes up and when supply goes up, price goes down. Why would people lower the price of something that everybody wants? Stupid cunt.

  25. Maybe wingspan is confusing supply/demand with economies of scale, where the price of manufacture goes down with increased production. But only to a point… Either way, stupid cunt.

  26. I think wingspan meant that kid’s songs lie to us in a completely different way.
    I gave my diabetic niece a ‘spoonful of sugar’ to help her medicine go down and she slipped into a fucking coma.

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