Friday, October 18, 2013

Australia, I Love You.

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  1. g’day Mates. First like Stever!

  2. If you cancel your tour due to poor sales it’s your fault if you get raped in every hole by big fat men with massive cocks shooting out pints of jizz soaking you and getting in your eyes and mouth and in your holes. Then stamped on till your organs seep out of every orifice!

  3. “earnt” how cute. Stupid fucking country.

  4. SmartDane, watch your words.
    You’re turning into an Elsior…

  5. If you go out late at night to get a pizza, while a Pitbull is unemployed, it’s your own fault if you get raped.

  6. Zatknis: ‘earnt’ is spelt correctly. Haven’t you learnt English?

  7. Fuck off.

  8. Who’s Pitbull?

  9. Nobody turns into Elsior, I was born, not made. Now throat a fat cock and gag on my balls.

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