Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Awkward Into Awesome

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  1. Cant deny that I really actually LOL’d. A lot.
    For the first time in a long time on this site. Well done LB. Well done indeed!

  2. It’s Leap Day AND it’s Hump day. Be careful! I don’t want anyone to get hurt.

  3. I had a coworker who looked like dobby, no joke.

  4. This didn’t happen.

  5. Reality is an illusion.

  6. She could’ve just wrote out what happened, it would be been equally unfunny.

    I hate when people write statuses to random people that will never read them…

  7. I hate when people sign off with;

    Sincerely, blah fucken blah.
    Makes no sense. Is her name you make awkward awesome or whatever the fuck?

    Sign off with sincerely, Lydia. Retard.

  8. its a meme thing from

  9. Sincerely is a word in its own right, numbnuts. It’s an adjective, not just a greeting. The sentence makes just as much sense as “Honestly, you just made awkward into awesome”.

    (Granted, the sentence still sucks, but for a different reason than the one you’re complaining about)

  10. I’m enjoying the visual of lydia ‘accidentally’ running head-first into a wall.

  11. Bacchante, while you’re correct, in this case it seems to be a greeting because it’s written in dearblankpleaseblank format. (I wouldn’t be surprised if that status was copied from there as well).

  12. Damn you, tracylord. I wanted to be correct.

    Please accept my humble apologies, bradles.

  13. WTF?! NEVER aplogise, woman.
    What’s wrong with you?

  14. *apologise.
    man, my hands are shaking so hard right now…

  15. All is forgiven. As you were.

  16. OK, we’re gonna need to vote. Here’s how I see it. #8 is pretty much right, and I really think the “honestly” paraphrasing is what Lydia meant. Further, Bacchante is correct that the sentence still sucks. However, “sincerely” is an adverb, not an adjective. #10 is correct except for confusing “greetings” with “salutations.” And tracylord would’ve been less confusing if she’d added something to clarify that “seems to be a greeting” might well not be. So the apology in 11 isn’t really necessary, nor is the “numbnuts.”

  17. So what are we voting on?

  18. saunkhogben, I vote for nachos.

  19. Now that that’s settled, nachos sound good (nachos sounds good?).

  20. Probably did not happen, otherwise it did happen and she was still too woozy to realize she should not post that

  21. Nachos does sound good. I’m having corn muffins, soup, and enchiladas.

  22. I don’t get it

  23. ^ This really isn’t the place to bring up your sex life.

  24. Heh, thanks beatus.

  25. Who am I kidding? I think we all bring up our sex life. It’s fun.

  26. Dear internet , way to over use phrases that were funny for a second.

  27. Dear Flames, way to clog me up with boring crap. Fuck off and die.
    sincerely, The Internet.

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