Monday, January 23, 2012


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  1. well done nancy

  2. Why would they recognize each other? Oh, they all used to sleep together? Winning.

  3. I fucking hate “awkward moments”. It suddenly became acceptable to write “awkward moment…” followed by the most mundane day to day bullshit activity turned dumb because they’re so fucking stupid to get the simplest of tasks right – and then they think they’re being funny ‘cos they’ve written “awkward moment”, when really, YOU’RE JUST FUCKING DUMB AND NOONE GIVES A FLYING FUCK ABOUT YOUR AWKWARD MOMENT AND REALLY SHOULD JUST STOP BEING A FUCKING SHEEP FOLLOWING WHAT EVERYBODY ELSE IS DOING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. you mad bro?

  5. Sounds like Roman is just bragging.

  6. Roman’s so proud of the fact that he’s slept with 2 people who now happen to know eachother. Maybe the 3 of them are cousins got really trashed at the family reunion, that would explain why they only realised they know each other AFTER accepting the friend request. I’m calling ‘hillbilly’ on that lot…

  7. And those awkward moment sentences aren’t even complete sentences! Annoying is what it is!

  8. I slept with a bunch of people who know each other.

    Catholic school was great.

    Not so much for the pupils, admittedly.

  9. Father O’Malley… Is that you??

  10. That akward moment when you publicly admit that you have only slept with two people out of your entire Fbook list.

  11. …or something like that.

  12. Kid’s not getting much action, is what I’m trying to say. lol

  13. Yup. Deserves electrifying death.

  14. Thanks Gill, we got it…well, I did. I guess some people here need the punchlines spelled out to them.

  15. some people on here need the punchlines punched into them.

  16. Yay commentors! You kids got through a posts worth of comments that were funny and not attacking one another! it’s a proud proud day for mama <3

  17. Fuck you, L.O.L., you stupid son of a whore.

    Dammit, I messed up the streak.

  18. I say double fry the dumb bastard in extra refined sunflower oil.

  19. Never seen Beatus get so irate before…it kinda works.

  20. That awkward moment when you realise your name sounds like it was chosen by a pair of inane, babbling pretentious ballbags who justify their choice because it makes their precious little cunt ‘stand out’.

  21. ^^ You’ve got a fair point. It’s on a par with Stephen, and Micheal, and Dave, and Rob, and Alan, shit, any name really…all by babbling pretentious ballbags who justify their choice because it makes their precious little cunt ‘stand out’. Wait…oh…no, they’re just names :/

  22. Alan Polanski would have made internationaly acclaimed epic movies without front bumming a 13 year old girl…Roman Polanski on the other hand?.. See my point now?

  23. would Alan Polanski have had his unborn foetus ripped from his partner’s womb in an orgy of helter-skelter by the Manson family, though?

  24. Should I have finished off with a smiley face?

  25. Smiley would have taken away from the moment Beatus.

    Alan Polanski would already have kicked his partner’s womb up and down until she left a bloody trail behind her. Alan Polanski? Sounds like a badly designed German spy to infiltrate the Jews.

  26. That awkward moment when you realise nobody gives a shit about your awkward moment.

  27. The awkward moment when you realize your name is Roman and you are a fag.

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