Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Awww, How Cute!

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  1. Forever alone

  2. Basically every lamebook commenter other than me because I am the F’in man!

  3. Steeeever would want to be the vaseline for that guy

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  5. The Beast Among Us

    He’s a tree hugger. That explains everything.

  6. Great post. Life changing.
    Where the Fuck is superloser I Lust Steeeever? If he’s stuck in a clothing bin somewhere we may have to organize a search party. Cheap accommodation but not without hazards

  7. He was masturbating with vaseline when he was an infant? Wow, bravo.

  8. ^ Or his mother was applying it on his cheeks and other places to prevent rashes. I think that’s how they met.

  9. Wow, bravo.

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  11. If you keep using all your mothers vaseline, it’s your own fault if you get raped!

  12. steeeever that son of a gun

    Steeeever you are the man! Right again!

  13. Steeeever, I was your biggest fan until you f’in. Man up and say fucking. Fuckin a dude.

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  15. I’m with you, The Beast Among Us.

  16. Dane, shut up and just rape me already. If it’s good, I’ll tell everyone it was my own fault.

  17. I don’t do rapes.
    And, it’s not rape in my country, when you want it.

  18. I’ll be convincing. You won’t know the difference.

  19. do you even Stever?

  20. If you keep making $7K a month working part-time, it’s your own fault if you get audited.

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