Thursday, December 20, 2012


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  2. Bitch knows nothing about true love.

  3. That’s not a relationship, that’s statutory rape.

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  5. Isn’t that from a song, or a movie, or something that the kids are into these days?

  6. I read one that said “if her age is not on the clock, she’s not old enough for your cock” for real?? 14 and having sex… That’s a shame. Why not just make the most of your childhood while you can? My first KISS was at 14.

  7. ^ you got those numbers for your age the wrong way around there

  8. The dudes at my highschool used to date really young chicks because it was apparently easier to get them to put out.

  9. WHOOPS lol
    Geez I meant 13
    MY BAD

  10. ???? When has this ever happened? WTF

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