Wednesday, June 5, 2013


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  1. Classy couple.

  2. Tegan, four words, “RUN FOR YOUR LIFE!”

  3. Paranoid Android72

    I’m gonna go away, pour a large vodka and pretend I never saw this.

    ‘Awwwwful’, how deliciously apt.

  4. Was that a bath salt reference or was she just referring to getting bitched at on a night in the town.

  5. Reynella is a fantastically bogan-sounding suburb name.

  6. @frankenstein Reynella is about an hour from me. If this is the Reynella I’m thinking of! And it is completely bogan.

  7. What does bogan mean?

  8. RobertSullivan

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  9. ^ Lost-Dog, the idiot above me is a bogan.

  10. Why do I imagine these people wearing burberry caps and trainer?

  11. Ray Liotta's colon

    I miss the ReplicaRolex guy’s posts.

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