Monday, November 29, 2010

Dumped… Twice

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  1. bwahahaha!

  2. Ewwwwww wtf! Put a warning on that thing!

  3. That was siiiick. Middle School boys bathrooms would probably be enough to make most people cry. Though I’m sure High school wouldn’t be too much better.

  4. Who took a dookie in the urinal? Mm’kay?

  5. HAHA!! What a cupcake letting a bunch of jr high children get under his skin.

  6. Thanks, LB, for not posting a NSFW warning. Someone boo-booed in the urinal. Delicious.

  7. This makes me super sad for some reason, poor guy!

  8. Gabe has a brother? Looks like someone invited Mr Hankey to school!

  9. LOL – Will sounds like a real provider. That’s HILARIOUS the kids left him an early xmas present.

  10. Why in the world would he take a picture of that shit? [no pun intended….well, maybe. ;)]

  11. What does NSFW mean?

    He got a job in 2 days? wtf…

  12. @MsBuzzkillington it means “not safe for work”; i.e. it’s best to read on a non-public/office computer!

  13. NSFW means “not safe for work”.

    Oh, and bahahhahahahahha this cracked me up.

  14. Not Safe For Work…

  15. Not safe for work, MsBuzz … Most employers undoubtedly would be fine with their employees spending work time on this site. But would take exception to pictures of shit in urinals.

  16. Not Safe for Work…oh damn it all, four of you beat me to it. Freaking great balls of Jesus.

  17. @ohhhkat! hahaha i was hoping that someone would make a southpark reference! well played:) ps, i’ve got a raging clue

  18. Had this happen to me once at a movie theater I worked at. Fortunately, we had night janitors who got paid more than any of us. We just closed the bathroom for the day (we had another). Next day, it was gone.

  19. Paige is a cock hat, butWill is a shit head….it evened out, for so long, anyway.

  20. Hahaha this is hilarious. Now, I’m certainly no grammar nazi but “paige and me’s relationship”? Fuck. He deserves some shit just for that.

  21. What a pussy.

  22. 18 – i’ve read this comment somewhere else /before

  23. Is that blood in the urinal??

  24. Thanks, I was enjoying my smoked almonds before I came to this.

    It could be worse. The cleaner at the school where I teach had to retrieve a turd from the toilet cistern in the high school block.

    Seriously though, Will, she wasn’t worth it.

  25. This broke janitor uses an iphone to upload pics ??? Hmmmm

  26. 25: You’re acting like this moron is the kind of person who lives on his own and has bills to pay. Twenty bucks says he’s some broke college idiot mooching off of Mommy and his girlfriend. So of course he has an iPhone, he has no bills to worry about.

  27. Technically, it might not be an iphone. It could be an ipod going off a wireless signal and it still says iphone when you post stuff. Big difference, but odds are it is an iphone.

  28. @27

    Nope, unless he took the picture with something else, emailed it to himself and then posted it off his ipod it HAS to be an iphone. (itouches dont have cameras)

    So, broke-ass holiday puke cleaner here, is somehow, despite his lack of funds, paying out the ass for an iphone (data plan and ATT service charges)

    This is why I never pity people like this, if you were really that destitue you’d have a 400 min a month plan with a free phone from t-mobile for only 30 dollars a month. Not a 30 dollar data plan (and at cheapest) 50 dollar service plan from ATT… 80 bucks a MONTH for a fucking phone, when you’re “poor” ??? Yeah, fuck you idiot people. Learn some freaking money management skills.

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