Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Baby Mama Drama

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  1. Ass.

  2. Hole!!!!!!

  3. Codename Dutchess

    Stevie must be a hater.

  4. Stevie, buy your kids their own pumped up kicks. Slut.

  5. Can someone explain the first one to a Brit who doesn’t talk in trimesters?

    Oh wait, my apologies… I completely forgot! I don’t give a flying scrotum what they are both blathering about. As you were my friends.

  6. If you’re too stupid to figure out what a trimester is, I’m not going to help you.

  7. Daniel wants to be black, and he is already on his way there

  8. ^why? are those shoes stolen?

  9. @5 trimester is a term used when regarding human pregnancy. maybe if you didnt spend all your time fucking a dude you would know these things.

  10. If you know what a semester is, I hope to sweet fuckery you can work out what a trimester is.

  11. @Ms No, he owes unpaid child support. Good guess though.

  12. @11. Hawkbit, you’re a fucking idiot.

  13. ^i just smirked so hard at your willful ignorance that my cheek cramped.

  14. No worries about Daniel, he will always be a mutant/white man. Whites are demonic and innately evil.

    All whites are pedophiles.
    All whites have sex with dogs.
    All whites are mutants.

  15. ^ and no one cares. because whites run the world.

  16. ytmutation you sound like an unevolved monkey how did u escape from the zoo? brotha!!!!!!!

  17. Ha! Mutants…gotta hate them!

  18. “and no one cares. because whites run the world.”-“MS”AnneThorpe March 1st, 2012 at 6:33 pm

    Ha! You forgot the i.

    Your sentence should read…. “and no one care. because whites/mutants ruin the world”.

    Look at the state of the world, mutants are the cancer of earth. The day mutants cease to exist is the day there is peace on earth.

  19. I’m curious… What is your feeling on the idea that George W. Bush was behind the mayhem of Hurricane Katrina?

  20. you mean he told them nigs to go & loot shit? wow.

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