Friday, August 31, 2012

Backwoods Book

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  1. I wonder if Chance will be breastfeeding the baby.

  2. ^ Nice one

  3. Why do I get the feeling that this isn’t Abraham’s only wife??? Or that Jr can switch between calling him Dad and GrandPa.

  4. Also there’s something really creepy about his hand’s skin colour and his face’s skin colour. Like he’s the Undead, but applied face makeup.

  5. Someone just drove a Bobcat by my office. WTF?

  6. @Beatusmongous that was gold. Love it.

  7. @beatus: That was me. Sorry if that creeps you out. Ride or die, bitches!

    By the way, I don’t see a problem with the first one. Looks to me like someone is too poor to afford a riding mower, and probably has a lot of land to mow; it’s called improvisation.

  8. wtf did my other comment never post?!..whatever…anyways, beat, were they at least wearing a helmet, that shit’s dangerous. You know..

  9. I was so distracted by the stretched veiny baby belly that I missed Abraham’s gun.

  10. @Capn, yes, the guy had a hard hat and a dust mask, and he stared at me as he drove by.

  11. Oh wow, dude, you’re lucky he didn’t pull out a tech 9 and try to bust a cap in your ass. Sounds like you work in rough part of town…be safe man! You never know what them bobcat drivers are up to these days!

  12. Chance and Heather are brother & sister, right?

  13. I thought chance and heather were a lesbian couple.

  14. I was scrolling down the comments and was like holy shit, MissAnneThrope has a life today, she’s not on Lamebook, then I saw the very last comment. I should have known better.

  15. I was scrolling down the comments and was like, thank god, itzmurda has been torn apart by a pack of stray dogs, but then I saw the last comment. I should have prayed harder.

  16. ^there is no god, rightbrain.

  17. ^Barkius, the god of stray dogs. Sheesh.

  18. good-o.

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