Friday, August 31, 2012

Something to think about…

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  1. No, they say, “No cis, but…(insert manly saying here)…”

  2. Fake.

  3. Straight guys don’t usually say, “No homo, but (whatever).” Perhaps it’s just this person’s friends.

  4. What the fuck do you mean straight guys don’t say “No homo”? Do you live under a rock?

  5. ^we mean grown-ups, dear.
    no one you’d know.

  6. Damn, you guys are grown ups? I was really hoping you were like 10 or 12. That’s really depressing.

  7. why depressing? are you a pedophile as well as being awful in every other way?

  8. More like I thought the human race was better than that and that anyone at even a teenage level would act like a more functional human being than you.

  9. so life continues to fart in your objectionable face at every turn.
    suck it up and go back under your fucking rock.

  10. @Evilcow, and yet you’re the one that often hears the words, “No homo, but (whatever).”

  11. Yes, that is a fact. Good observation. And you’re the one whose name is beatusmongous. I really don’t get the significance here.

  12. @11 Yo, Homo Butt! Jiminy fucking Cricket, you really are an idiot! What beatus is saying is: you’re questioning the maturity of those here whilst you’re the only one here who knows people who start sentences with ‘No homo, but…
    Do you find these same people often end sentences with; do you understand, you dumbass muthafuckah?

  13. There’s a difference between the kind of immaturity I was talking about. Plenty of extremely likeable adults can be immature. I said they weren’t functional. I was talking about the kind of abilities that even young teenagers possess. The fact that you think because you don’t call people “gay” makes you a great mature person is frankly laughable.

  14. we don’t call you a faggot because we know full well that no faggot would touch you.

  15. @13 Is that a comment on what I wrote or are you randomly reviewing an Oscar Wilde essay? I simply explained to you what beatus said. The only opinion I gave is that you’re an idiot and you just supported that quite handsomely.

  16. It’s a case of the pot calling the kettle, “black.”

  17. Good comeback, jew bagel. I’ve obviously won the argument completely and you guys are upset that you aren’t as smart as me.

  18. ^Obviously. ‘Jew bagel’ is a lovely touch in showing just how smart you are.

  19. Exactly

  20. wow. did you really just claim to win an argument online?

    that’s pretty ‘special’.

  21. I did win though. It was like saying the earth is round.

  22. really? tell me more about the oblate spheroid that you think is the same as ’round’?

  23. I’m sorry, I’m not a 30 year old virgin so I don’t know what an oblate spheroid is.

  24. ^ Psst… there are hints as to meaning… in the words!
    Try sounding them out in your head.

  25. Evilcow, you backed up your mini-van to the idiot shoppe and maxed out two cards.

  26. Just leave evilcow.

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  28. Rightbrain, well where’d you get your brain? The toilet store?

  29. ^ That was just sad, fuckface.

  30. The idiot shoppe wasn’t much better. Besides it was an Anchorman reference. But I guess that movie is for stupid unenlightened people and you’re above it all.

  31. ^having to explain your shitty jokes just makes them worse.

  32. Ivwouldn’t have to explain thwm if I wasn’t in hippie-town.

  33. back at the sheltered workshop they be roflmoaing.

  34. What the fuck does that mean?

  35. for serious?

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