Thursday, August 30, 2012


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  1. Please.. it’s changing the time zone on your computer so it looks like you emailed your assignment in on time.

  2. Way to be a racist, Zavan.

  3. ^ Probably, but is he right?

  4. ^Incorrect.

  5. speaking of changing times/zones whatever on computers…some asshole changes the date on mine, and made me think all day yesterday was Friday…fucked up my whole day….

  6. That’s not racism, that’s stereotyping.

  7. ^ True, but according to black people, it’s the same thing.

  8. ^not to stereotype them, or anything?

  9. ^ Yeah, exactly.

  10. I got accused of being racist one time because I asked a Vietnamese inmate if he ever rode a water buffalo. I only asked because it’s apparently very common for young guys in Vietnam to do in their spare time, according to one of my old doctors.

  11. Um, Capn, I think possibly that you were called racist because you say things like: “…as long as they keep their grubby little paws off me we’ll be ok…for the most part…I still don’t like them.”

    But that’s just a guess.

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