Thursday, August 30, 2012

Pervy Posts

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  1. They did it all for bacon. Lots and lots of bacon.

  2. ^who? the nazis?

  3. …and people say the catholic church is out of touch.. lol.

    What the fuck is Alex on about? Spastics get down and dirty too you know. How else do we get little baby spastics?

  4. heh. special oLIMPics.

  5. hahahaha Franky!! The people who gave you the thumbs down must have been offended as they suffer from thumbdowns-syndrome.

  6. Hahahaha fake.

  7. Beatus, I feel like your post has been neglected, dare I continue?

    They did it all for the bacon,
    and they can take that sausage,
    … ….. .. .. …. …!

  8. Not exactly perving, but I do love to see beautiful women…has anyone ever seen Jessica Long, the Paralympics swimmer?
    Totally beautiful

  9. The Paralympics are so easy. I’m waiting for the Quadralympics to happen.

  10. go team thalidomide!

  11. ^ Fuck yeah. I would love to see the thalidomide butterfly swimming relay.
    Ooh ooh, or shotput.

  12. diving.

  13. Heh. Break the surface tension of the water with your motherfucking FACE.

  14. I just thought they’d look like jumping beans.
    hey, did they have thalidomide in mexico?

  15. Yes, they do. But all the fast swimmers in Mexico are already part of team USA.

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