Thursday, March 10, 2011

In It to Win It!

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  1. guess they figure they don’t need to blur kim’s name because it’s so long that no one will search it?

  2. Or because anyone setting their facebook to Nynorsk is way too lame to be looked up anyway.

  3. What does skirts going up and pants going down have to do with making tea? …. huh…. maybe I’ve been doing it wrong all these years?

  4. rosie must have only just seen the facebook page that she took that from… Its like 2 years old

  5. Wouldn’t the porn version of 127 hours be 90 minutes of one guy playing with his wang and then cutting it off at the end?

  6. Now I actually had to sign into Lamebook so that I could comment on how lame Kim is for using Nynorsk.

    And when I say lame, it’s secretly a code for wishing that I was better at it.

  7. Also, KimBaharikkelangtfornavn Menverdenslengstemellomnavn Ogganskelangtetternavnog

    I like this guy.

  8. 127 Hours has a (SPOILERS OH MY GOD) (near) masturbation scene anyway.

  9. That’s today’s Boring Fact of the Day.

  10. Dukey Smoothy Buns

    Maybe the porn involves a guy getting his hand trapped under a fat chick.

  11. Oh does it Hobo? The whole thing sounded extremely boring to me, but just got a wee bit better. Might watch after all.

  12. The tea bag thing was stupid considering it starts off with things not related to making tea. I don’t recall ever having to bare skin to make my tea. Then again, I may need to be more adventurous in my tea making.

  13. It’s not Nynorsk, it’s swedish, “Stad” and “sidan” are swedish words. But the awesomely long name is norwegian.

    Just thought I’d correct that.

  14. The long name is not a name. It means something like KimbaDoesNotHaveALongFirstName and the second one AnorexiPanda found means ButHasTheWorldsLongestMiddleNameAndAFairlyLongSurnameToo. It’s Norwegian. 🙂

  15. Why do you all assume that KimBa is the one who submitted it? Maybe it was someone else, who has their facebook set to Swedish. And maybe these people actually live in Sweden, so it wouldn’t be all that lame to have the language set to Swedish, would it?

    That said, it’s lame when people don’t separate their first and last name. Who are you, Cher?

  16. Enea, you’re just making yourself look silly. Yes, the Swedish word for town is also “stad”. Yes, “sidan” is also a Swedish word, but that means “the page”. The word “sidan” here is the equivalent of the Swedish “sedan” – “ago”. Don’t you know how close Swedish/Nynorsk/Bokmål/Danish are to each other? Just because the word “stad” is also common to Swedish, that doesn’t make this Swedish.

  17. #12 never been tea-bagged I assume?

  18. Tiera it’s me making those yappy little fuckwits sad, every night I whisper into the furry fuckers ears nobody loves you, nobody wants you, nobody cares.

    Just like the bedtime stories Mummy used to read me.

  19. BritishHobo, does someone tell him if you chop your arm off first it feels like someone else is doing it?

  20. I’m pretty sure he’s Waiting for “127 whores” to come out soon…but I’d bet it came out before the movie, you know how much people love a random number of gathering whores.

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