Monday, January 2, 2012

Picturesque Problems

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  1. How can they all be original gangstas

  2. What the fuck is this?

  3. 1st one correct

  4. the awesome quality of the photo editing enhancements in pics #2 and #3 brings to mind a kitsch explosion at a sheltered workshop.

    I wish #3 was an animated .gif

  5. Hahah , that chick at the bottom is defo swaggin’

  6. That first one looks staged. I’m betting whoever took the pic, moved the hanging clip thing with the condoms on it to the baby section. Or somebody else did it as a joke and the person who took the pic came along and saw it. But I don’t think a store manager would have set it up like that.

  7. The only thing I can agree with in #3 is “WTF”.

  8. The only thing I can agree with in #3 is BOO!

  9. #3 is hot.

  10. butterscotchcandy

    Point-of-purchase. Not product placement.

  11. butterscotchcandy

    Wait. Not point-of-purchase. But that’s definitely the wrong use of the term “product placement”.

  12. STFU! All of you. the more we post on shit like this, the lower lamebooks standards will get, and we’ll all be eyerolling at a bunch of self submitted wank.

  13. #3 makes me feel physically sick that our society allows dumb fucks like that the ability to leave their own home without a muzzle and a leash

  14. It’s all about JennySlade, knowing what she is talking ’bout!

  15. @Jimsthename The first one is taken at a Rite Aid. Any store over 9000 feet has that wing in the baby aisle. It’s in our store management planner. I laugh everytime I have to go down that aisle.

  16. In South America, I hear that they recycle items from the clothing aisle into the baby aisle; mainly coat hangers.

  17. @crusty
    By then it’s too late.

  18. I agree with the third picture: WTF?

  19. Pic 2 and Pic 3…WHY?

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