Wednesday, October 14, 2009



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  1. He looks like he is attacking her! GROSS

  2. I think this has been rotated 90 degrees clockwise and she’s giving him the mouth-to-mouth stage of CPR, rofl xD

  3. The Friend zone, land of no return.

  4. Awww, those two are gonna make such beautiful babies!

  5. Man, that picture just ruined kissing.

  6. Jesus fucking Christ.

    Anyone that would “like” that ad should be stabbed.

  7. It looks like Sarah Chalke from Scrubs kissing a beard-less Wolf Blitzer.

  8. This ad is Pedobear approved.

  9. Why are monkeys always attacking and raping white women? Stop polluting the gene bank….there isn’t enough welfare to go around.

  10. What can I say? She couldn’t resist me!

  11. The first one’s free…

  12. Wow mcowles, when did your trailer get internet access?

  13. Daughterwife?

  14. @9….What is wrong with welfare? I gotz 7 kidz and koleck billz from the usa guv cuz i be blingin. dawn b hatin nigz.

  15. 7 seconds to find out if she likes you, guaranteed:

    you: “Do you like me?”

    her: “Not in the least, Gramps.”


  16. Oh relax, it’s just a young girl showing her grampa some love.

  17. Is that a real picture? If it is, I think it’s not that legal to make it an ad. If it isn’t, you know that model was thinking “control your gag reflex, please, it’s work, it’s money, please don’t puke”.

  18. I’ve been getting an ad on my facebook that says “Do you like BLADE RUNNER? If so, check out LAW ABIDING CITIZEN!”–Um, am I crazy, or does Blade Runner look anything remotely like Law Abiding Citizen? A movie that will no doubt be forgotten in a few weeks.

  19. my point is that facebook ads are fucking stupid.

  20. has anyone seen the ad to help you stalk your boyfriend using cell phone signals? LOL

  21. I am a little disturbed.

  22. …is that legal?

  23. Yes. It’s called “doing a Polanski”.

  24. DAD?!!

  25. Carmen.. hahaha.

  26. ew….just ew

  27. That is kinda gross

  28. I swear this is a pic of an Adelaide couple from South Australia.. It’s a father/daughter relationship, and they sold their story to the magazines over here… They had 2 kids, but one died..

  29. JJ: haha it kind of does look like them! ewww….

  30. Men with liver spots
    Should advertise viagra,
    Not “The friend zone test”.

  31. so that’s how AIDS was transferred from monkeys to humans.

  32. Because nothing makes me want to subscribe to what you’re selling than images of “Gorilla’s in the mist: the X-rated version”

  33. How about Jungle Fever 2: Breaking the Barriers of Age and Family.
    Or, Interracial Facials….”You’ll Just Love What’s Coming At You”

  34. why is there not mass outcry at the fact it looks like shes kissing her grandfather.

  35. Dontlookatme you really, really irritate me. I don’t know why. That is all

  36. @charlotte



    Heres that news story about the aussie insest couple… Picture is almost the same.

  38. Reminds me of that CBS show a while back- “Touched By An Uncle”…

  39. That girl looks like she’s 4 and the man is like 80. I see an age difference issue here. And some legal ones. And some moral ones. And some keeping my food down.

  40. I might be alone here…but the dude kinda looks like Cheech Marin to me.

  41. WikidJuggaloPanda

    nope i agree totally, looks like cheech all the way

  42. He is obviously an old wizard or some such, stealing her youthful life essence to keep himself alive. I threw up in my mouth a little when I saw it.

  43. PingPonginDingDang

    My vagina just threw up.

    In a bad way.

    (But in a good way if that’s actually Cheech Marin.)

  44. Is that Jack Nicholson?

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