Monday, October 21, 2013


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  1. First like Stever!

  2. Dear Beatus are you there? it’s me sleptwithghosts.

  3. Fuckin lamebook, man.

  4. This seems to happen a lot. This same exact scenario. Do you think they’re all made up? Nahhhhhhhh.

  5. Because it’s the Wal-Mart EMPLOYEES who are lazy. Not the customers. Never the customers.

  6. Go away, Alexis Mateo.

  7. ‘In-store pickup’ does not work that way. You are contacted when it is ready to be picked up, which could take up to a day or two. She still had no obligation to look for it at that moment.

  8. If you keep going to Walmart, it’s your own fault if you get raped.

  9. Or he could have went to somebody to repair it.
    Before that, you have to bash it on StupidDane’s skull, for good luck.

  10. Zenaltra, droppin that WallyWorld KNOWLEDGE.

  11. You obviously solve this problem by going to Best Buy where someone does give a shit. Or in our town, go to Kmart as nobody else is there.

  12. Obviously made up. In store pick up does not allow same day pick up, you have to wait for it to actually be shipped to the store, even if the store has that product in stock. It comes from warehouse stock and NOT store stock and they don’t allow you to pick it up even if it was right in front of you until it ships from the warehouse (I know, I went through the same ordeal before).

  13. I don’t know how many places this would work at seeing that most places with in store pick up take at least a couple hours. However this does work at Toys R Us. I do this all the time, because they rarely stock the shelves in their stores. If I can’t find the item I want I just go to and order it with in store pick up. Out of all the times I’ve done this they have never taken over 30 minutes to have the item ready.. And it is usually about 10 minutes.

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