Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Picturesque Wins

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  1. First one is the first true laugh out loud post in weeks!

  2. oh, good.

  3. For a little boy that he is, he sure can piss the farthest..
    That reminds me of a joke. Here it goes…
    Old man to a chemist: Son, can you give me a half Viagra?
    Chemist: Why only half?
    Old Man: I want a just enough erection so that when I pee, I dont drop it on my feet.

  4. Paranoid Android

    Used to have myself some green jeans back when I was a yoof, coupled with a ‘James’ flower long sleeved tee and I rocked, nowadays, not so much.

    Sigh x 2

  5. there’s nothing i hate more than seeing someone carry a guitar as an accessory.

    the type of guy who’ll sit in a park near a group of girls and play and sing a libertines song. there’s nothing behind the libertines song, girls.

    oh, wait, you don’t care.

  6. I’m pretty sure if some dude started busting out in a ‘Time for Heroes’ in the park he’d be looked at like he’s mentally retarded. Perhaps some Lifehouse or even Stone Sour, or maybe some Howie Day, but certainly not the Libertines. Unless you’re me and you love British men jumping around mumbling things.

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