Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Be all you can be…

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  1. crustylovelips

    You’ve got to be an idiot to join the British army. They hire new recruits, train them up, send them off to the Middle East for a couple of tours and then it’s bye bye to be replaced by yet another new recruit. Or even worse, your veteran brother with a world of experience you or I couldn’t even begin to imagine, is replaced by a member of the T.A. who have the same duties as you but with half the training! At least the French make it simple…regardless of rank or skill; run.

  2. Masturbation is going to be the world’s most trending exercise.

  3. It’s not funny anymore, Ryan. It’s been done too many times.

  4. Bet that was a a self-like too. Thanks Lamebook, for now archiving this shit FB post.

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  6. #4 – That was also a self-submit.

  7. ^ thanks captain obvious..

  8. ^ You’re welcome, butt-licker-sniffer.

  9. Well I educate myself as much as possible to avoid Army life since I’m not to keen on dying for oil prices.

  10. I just realized that you could make a joke here about Ryan and his privates.
    Puts “Saving Private Ryan” on another level.

  11. ^ Saving Ryan’s Privates?

  12. ^ Or perhaps Ryan is Savoring his Privates.

    Savoring Ryan’s Privates.

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