Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Be Boulder

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  1. Jacob was probably stoned.

  2. Make sure you get something for your granite.

  3. I dont get it

  4. ^ That’s because you’re a robot. Now get back to punching holes in metal sheets.

  5. One should always live a shelfless life.

  6. Jacob, I Norite !? Pretty Coal post.
    Limestone’d too, guys.

    It’s Slate, Shale be going. Pearl needs to make the Bedrock!

  7. Haley looks like she could rock my world. Metamorphically speaking..

  8. The pressure is on to make geological puns now. I’m off to put a couple of quartz of oil into my car while I think about it.

  9. That’s gneiss.

  10. It gets harder and harder to think up original replies. Ehm,

    Jacob must be thick as a brick.

  11. ^ This comment wins by a landslide.

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