Thursday, October 15, 2009

The Media Shower


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  1. @els9874: Hahahaha “meatier shower”. I’m going to try to use that phrase in real conversation.

  2. she could probably use a golden shower.

  3. @mmmmmmmm

    I don’t mean to piss all over your idea, but it would never work.

  4. @Heli
    Mark, with better punctuation and spelling, translates to:
    “Yeah, about that; there were rocks flying through space, (as in ‘meteors’) not video tapes. (as in ‘media’) Loser!

    (comments in parenthesis added as subtitles for the hard of understanding)

  5. Actually in the Australian and New Zealand accent, meteor does sound quite like media, seeing as we soften some t´s and don´t pronounce the end of many words (another example would be car, we say caa). It´s a kind of lazy accent.

    Obviously Katie is an idiot for writing the wrong word, accent issues or not. Maybe if she took a night class it´d help her education and meteor shower watching chances?

  6. @mmhmm
    Totally agree with you there, I couldn’t even remember what the “media” post was all about after reading the you’re your merry mary crap that was posted.

  7. And by the way Boz, marry doesn’t sound like mary.

  8. Is that like a public community shower with the media taping it or a shower with the media? I would be bummed if I missed that too.

  9. I have nothing funny to say.I’m commenting to ask how to pronounce Mary, marry, and merry differently?

  10. I can’t stand it when people get defensive over their horrible spelling. No, you’re not in a spelling bee, but when you use an entirely different word and people can’t tell what the hell you’re talking about, you’ve failed at the entire point of communication.

  11. @ Justin: Pronunciation, especially of vowel sounds, depends on your accent. Where I am, Mary sounds like hairy, marry sounds like carry and merry sounds like berry.

    The point, however, is that anyone that has done 4th grade should have seen ‘metior’ written somewhere, rather than having to rely on the pretty sounds it makes in her head.

  12. aw god, *meteor*…this site’s getting to me…

  13. I thought that blondes liked
    Golden showers much more than
    Meteor showers

  14. She isn’t a moron that can’t spell, she just doesn’t know that using different words in place of others is wrong.

    I mean, they don’t teach that kind of thing in English.

  15. Headless – sorry, but didn’t you agree with me?

    No comma before and is what I said. Also, shouldn’t it be “to whom”? Just a thought, not entirely sure on that one.

  16. gandhi – look up the oxford comma

  17. Aaron:

    “who gives a fuck about an oxford comma” – Vampire Weekend.

  18. Mark’s reply made me laugh out loud. “its rocks not VIDEOTAPES loser!”

  19. we post on lamebook about grammer…horray for us (notice the lack of capitalization, punctuation, and caring)

  20. couldnt leave it alone

    @ jack # 69:

    Or spelling. Grammar.

  21. im not from texas

    @jack #69 – theres a difference between a) being lazy and not capitalizing or not proofreading for typos and b) being retarded and not knowing the difference between your/you’re than/then there/their/they’re and meteor/media. these are covered in 1st grade in public schools under the heading “how to talk”

  22. @i iz not frum teksas- your so gud at korectin all their misstakez…i wysh i culd b smarfer thEn u an learn myselves how 2 talk

  23. My first media shower was when I was 10. I dont really remember it to well though

  24. I wonder if she’s from Boston…

  25. manholesunshine

    Everybody needs a friend like Scott. Then again, everybody needs a friend like Katie. Wait….how did katie get a friend like Scott?..Vice versa. Do Wolves mix with sheep these days, or is the fun in the hunt?

  26. dirtylittlepretty

    I was thoroughly enjoying the grammar/punctuation fight…until I stopped enjoying it.

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