Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Not My Type

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  1. First! like a boss!

  2. ^Go back to sucking your lover’s cock.

  3. Irene D. Kirkland

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  4. ^^Mario? Are you listening to the voices in your Nintendo again?

  5. +1 for Tiff Louisa

  6. Sixth bitches!!!! That’s all I got

  7. Fuck you Adam I’ll win next year!

    Oi Baldy cunt there’s pen on your face…

    There’s at least three people in this world who should drown in a rusty bucket of old mans piss.

  8. If girls didn’t exist, there would be less rape in the world.

  9. ^Dane, you do realize that you’re a vagina

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  12. I say we put a Spammer Gladiators event together, and watch the spammers fight to the death with axes and swords.

  13. And whoever wins, we will click their link.

  14. ^ what say you spammers?

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