Wednesday, April 13, 2011

The Right Nob for the Job

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  1. Im sure mofo will be able to help out with that nob search

  2. hehehe at “PAUSE.”

  3. Blaming his iPhone? What a job!

  4. *nob

  5. Dukey Smoothy Buns

    Brett is taking himself too seriously.

    Quick question the nob opening the hole top of the cock or is it a pussy?

  6. CommentsAtLarge

    Dukey, given as desparate as Brett sounds, I’m going with either.

  7. Brett should try looking around Hollywood Blvd. I hear the girls there are reasonably priced.

  8. So are the guys.

  9. Huh? He means job? Yeah right.

  10. drchalkwitheringlicktacklefeff

    ‘Knob’ is British slang for penis; but I don’t quite understand this thread because…surely Americans don’t use the word in that same context(?) Then again, British slang has become fashionable among hipster douche bags in America, so you never know.

  11. ^ You bloody wanker, what what, pip pip. Now where did I put my facking bowler hat and umbrella.

  12. Hahaha like the brits are the only ones to use the word knob as a phallic reference .. Nawwww it must be nice to be so naive. Does mummy dearest still pick out your clothes? Got a nice double denim outfit to show us?

  13. dchalk, I don’t know why you assume they are American. The only clue about their nationality is that they are located in or near Los Angeles – so they are probably Mexican.

  14. @walter

    Stupid people from the USA thinking America is only the states.

  15. And what would you have people from the States call themselves besides Americans? Statsians? USA’ians?

  16. I once went on a knob search… turned out i’d left it in mum.

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