Monday, March 4, 2013

Be careful what you ask for…

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  1. First! Suck ass everyone else.

  2. First? Don’t you mean dumbass?

  3. Nope. I mean first. Can’t you read, dumbass?

  4. Awesome…holler!!!

  5. Good job, Matthew. I hope you enjoy it, and I have a feeling Rebecca will enjoy it.

  6. Very predictable Matthew. Given the awesome priviledge of free reign over her, I ,personally, could have come up with MUCH more entertaining way to pass some time. Possibly involving a few of her lady-friends and a web-cam. And a dalmation.

  7. If she fucks him I hope she uses an inappropriately sized strap-on.

  8. My advice to Rebbbeca is to consider the more loosely translated meaning for fucked. Spend a couple of days getting him worked up for it, then get him thinking it’s going to happen at the last minute leave him hanging with the worst blue balls imaginable. Then he will be truly fucked.

  9. ^she should also spend those days racking up a massive debt on his credit cards. Then he’ll be fucked.

  10. This is clearly fake. The first comment would have happened pretty close to when the original photo went up. There’s no way it got over 10,000 likes and 202 shares in minutes like the timestamp indicates. If the final comment by Rebecca had been a few days later, it would have been believable, but still having just 3 comments overall is also skeptical.

  11. @immortalkid: There’s a lot of fake shit here on lamebook, nevertheless your “proof” is none. How do you know the picture has not been posted at 9:33? Rebecca’s reaction is obviously just a reaction to Matthew’s posting, not to the 10,000 likes who probably added up much later.

  12. Now she HAS to.
    Because Facebook.

  13. ^Yeah, unless she wants to be sued by zuckerberg.

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