Thursday, February 11, 2010

Love is in the Air

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  1. Levitating baby FTL.

  2. I think we can all agree Shane is the real winner here.

    *thinking of Ben*

  3. Damn! Sorry Ben.

  4. hey samuel, i lost that photo of your mum and me, but we’ve been doing the wild thing for quite a while now.

  5. Ew. Valentines Day.
    Mark & Shane FTW.
    Eshapeshaly Mark.

  6. That sign is blatantly incorrect. All children are beatable. Especially at Scrabble.

  7. Oh my God, I have to go to Walmart, I’ve always wanted to buy on of those!

  8. @ eenerbl, you mean a helping hand?

  9. Samuel should get a real sweetheart and stop fapping.

  10. casstasstic made me LOL…thank you

  11. No, a baby on a shelf! Screw childbirth, I’ll go this route.

  12. Ah, the Valentines fun begins. I can’t wait to see my Facebook homepage on Valentines Day. All those couples declaring their love as publicly as they can, because for some reason just being together with each other isn’t enough, they need everyone to notice them PLEASE and to acknowledge how AWESOME their relationship is.

    Oh god, is the how long you’ve been together thing really going to be one of those crazes? THat’s just going to annoy me.

    Ah well, at least we’ll get a load of brilliant Lamebook posts out of it.

  13. I just love how that baby’s expression screams “OMGWTF??!”

  14. Samuel and Samuels Hand make a cute couple. I suspect that Samuels Hand is a male.

    The “i hate being single etc etc” should just be “I hate being single on Valentines Day.” Be concise with those group names.

    That baby needs Phoebe’s help.

  15. That’s what you get for waiting until the last minute to do your Valentines Day shopping. May as well have gone with some silk roses and a pack of Necco Wafers.

  16. Heart shaped paw pads for fuck’s sake.
    I didn’t think it possible that Valentines could get more cheesy than it already is.

  17. What the hell does “eshapeshaly” mean?

  18. Haaaaahahaha the baby is fucking hilarious. It takes all my manliness to admit it’s cute.

  19. especially.. maybe it’s the american version? Like colour and color. Hahaha just kidding.

  20. Leebo, it means especially – but if you pronounce it with a spanish accent and then try to spell it phonetically it would be something like eshapeshaly.

  21. What’s an “extra awesome blossom”?

  22. Awesome Blossom is this sweet appetizer that they have at Outback Steakhouse. Not Chili’s. Its like a deep fried onion that looks like a fried blossomed flower and its freaking awesome.

  23. Thanks davos and Walter! I’ve learned a lot from Lamebook; what a shocker is, to always flush the toilet, not to put bloody birthing pictures on my Facebook…

  24. Mr. notsoperfect; it’s a Bloomin Onion at Outback

  25. Mr. Perfect wrote a perfectly awesome fail. Outback has the Bloomin’ Onion, not the Blossom.

  26. Sorry, ahah, didn’t see your comment first. =)

  27. I must say, I’ve met Sam’s other half many times and I never realised they were so close. But come to think of it, they make the perfect couple.

  28. @eenerbl I volunteer for practicing the rec’ing the kid the normal way…but, I’m w/ you…to hell with that actually rec’ing bit 🙂

  29. @ Mr Perfect cheers mate, I was completely lost on that one.

    Hahaha the funny thing is I am an Aussie and I have never heard of such a thing. I have been to the outback a few times as well. Hahaha also I had a look at the menu online- definately not Aussie food.

  30. Awesome mullet FTW! or maybe the star spangled nipple covers. idk, but that’s a whole lotta redneck right thar.

  31. Davos, You mean your mum never cooked you Bloomin’ Onions and Kookaburra Wings before? 🙂 Missing out.

    They did have Tooheys or Boags beer there I remember which was pretty cool.

  32. ..really…? The image was too small or my eyes just didn’t want to see it, but star spangled nipple covers? That image is the stuff of nightmares, eshapeshaly twisted, nightmares.
    Patriotism and eroticism mix like a drunk DJ, ie; NOT VERY WELL…
    Pateroticism maybe…?

    Speaking of nightmares Kristin’s kid won’t be forgetting that harrowing experience in a hurry, her face screams: “Call the police!” – Unbeatable!

  33. @ SomeDude.

    Hahaha Kookaburra Wings??!! I think I must have had a very deprived childhood. Tooheys and Boags??.. Thank god they didn’t have fosters. Although Little creatures.. thats’s where it’s at 😉

  34. @Mykl42: haha, I love practicing making babies, don’t get me wrong. I however have a 3 year old son, and with no drugs it was not something I’m eager to experience again! 32 hours in laber… never again!

  35. My lady was in laber for 28 hours, that little bastard just wouldn’t let go. Now her lobia hangs down to her knees.

  36. @soup: haha, I have no issues there! Thank God!

  37. @Samuel, #1: STFU!

  38. yeah Davos I laughed my ass off when I was in there, very funny.

    You must have a lot of $$ to drink Little Creatures, nice drink but expensive !!

  39. I am so glad my boyfriend and I aren’t complete losers who feel we HAVE to declare our love for each other on facebook. Couples who do that are stupid, and should be hit by a bus. No one else cares about your relationship, stop sharing it with the world!

  40. Oh come on, it’s great to be young and in love.

    I carved the initials of my girlfriend in my ankle once, I think I was 10 or so.

    Ain’t love grand !!

  41. @somedude, I started a tatoo of my girlfriends name, half way through, I came to. I removed it with razor blade, ammonia, and salt. It’s amazing what you will do for love, and even more so what you will do when the brain takes back over.

  42. Hey, last one is cute, not lame. CUTE!
    (Well, except it was at WalMart..but CUTE!)

  43. @sosr, I’m sorry. What are you on about?
    @nashntth, Is that a compliment or not?

  44. Anyone else find it ironic that the initials of Valentine’s Day are VD?

  45. @Soup…could have gone my whole life without knowing that.

  46. I hate dumb*sses, eshapeshaly the romantic, breeder type. (with a nod to casstasstic who beat me to it)

    IMOO – the last one is freekin cute, not lame.

  47. The baby and the bear are cute, but c’mon. You can’t scrape together $15 to either 1.) Get your baby’s photo taken at the Wal-Mart photo studio or 2.) Buy the damn bear and take this picture at home. Shoot, you could even return the bear when you’re finished if you’re that hard up for cash.

    PS…I’m craving an Awesome Blossom now.

  48. I figured you could buy babies at Walmart. Thats why everyone who shops at walmart usually has a bunch of those things.

    That baby is sort of cute (gah! I hate admitting that a baby is cute!) but it is wondering WTF its mom is doing to it.

  49. ….eshapeshaly…lol.. I almost didn’t understand what it was supposed to be. It’s that bad.

  50. oh you guys don’t know? that hillbilly picture made it to the LA weekly..

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