Monday, November 19, 2012

Beat by B

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  1. She looks like an orange on a toothpick…

  2. Shh, haggie, if she hears you, she’ll start crying into her huge pillow.

  3. feed that poor baby a cheeseburger 🙁

  4. And “V” has his shirt off and his hand on his junk. Classy.

  5. Dear christ child, I’ve got a spare Chicken+Bacon sarnie that I didn’t get time to off finish for lunch, here please take it!!.

  6. Dear Christ child, I’ve got a spare Chicken+Bacon sarnie that I didn’t get time to finish off for lunch, here please take it!!.

  7. What and awkward stance.

  8. -_-
    *What an awkward stance*
    My bad. I’m sure you all know what I meant.

  9. ^No, I didn’t. Quit making asumptions.

  10. Is this what a spaghetti whore looks like?

  11. you can tell by the lines under her right elbow she photoshopped the shit out of herself. literally. She drew in a section of the top line on the furniture behind her near her hip where she erased part of her body.

    why do people do this? Do they not realize people see them in real life too?

  12. Misuse of literally^.

  13. ^maybe she really did remove poo from her arm

  14. That’s some really bad Photoshopping there. She’s made her shoulders look freakishly big and her body so tiny that there’d be no room for her vital organs.

  15. Not a misuse of literally. she literally photoshopped her intestines out of the picture. almost all of her poop carrying capacity has been removed.

  16. Geez you guys are idiots. Just because her waist is tiny doesn’t mean she photoshopped it.

    Those kind of shirts can make shoulders look “freakishly big”
    Try to imagine her without the shirt (which I’m sure you’d all love to do) it looks about right.
    Plus, her body is sideways while she has her shoulders turned forward.
    It’s not that ridiculous looking.

  17. She looks like a giraffe-faun.

  18. I think the picture of V choking his chicken is funnier than the real-life animé chick.

  19. This is obviously not photoshopped. Stop trying to be smart you fucking morons. Just because you’ve never even kissed a girl doesn’t automatically make you a genius.

  20. Almost definitely a photoshop job (quite a decent one, too). Look at the slight wobble on the lines made by the edges of the drawers. That’s a bit of a “liquify” tool giveaway. Also (and this is a bit of a subtle one, I’d admit) the smeary compression artefacts around the right leg in particular suggests that the legs were thinned using liquefy on a lossy format, then re-compressed to jpeg without using the “reconstruct” brush.

    Just sayin’

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