Monday, August 10, 2015

Beat Up

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  1. righteousindignance

    A pussy got beat up, but it wasn’t him!

  2. Then the ominous words, it’s a boo…

  3. The Beast Among Us

    She wanted to leave her mark. Too bad the OP doesn’t understand primal territory marking signals.

  4. I would hate to see what THE OTHER GUY looks like.

  5. A bunch of hickies and sex induced claw marks…but your Boo is okay-doing other chicks or maybe even guys on the down low.

  6. BaronVonStauffenberg

    It’s impossible for someone to not know what all of those marks REALLY are. Either she’s extremely dumb (I seriously don’t know how it could be possible for anyone to be that dumb), or she knows, but doesn’t want to admit what it really is.

  7. That’s some impressive work there.

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