Wednesday, June 3, 2009

F, So Hrd 2 Read


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  1. It’s like they’re speaking a foreign language! My head hurts.

  2. WTF!?

  3. Some people never really leave Middle School.

  4. Wow. I hate it when people talk like there in 3rd grade on AIM.

  5. foremangriller1

    ohh i knew but its not my place to tell you, sorry you were there, feel better = its my fault i ruined your day hahahhahahhaha

  6. I give “advice” too — it’s called herps

  7. i don’t understand any of what they speak, see they have made me type like shit now

  8. I had a roomate for a while but we kept getting in each others’ way, those pouches are tiny and no aircon =(

  9. It has to be Nebraska?

  10. So, did she leave him, or not??? If so why is whe worried about “chics messing wit a man thats is unavailable that has a girl”?
    I am so confused.
    What is even more confusing is that I care.

  11. What?

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