Wednesday, June 3, 2009

O Brother-In-Law




We all need to thank Ken for a lesson he is trying to teach us. That lesson is “when it comes to relationships, communication is vital.” Sure, Ken made a crack about your sister’s breasts, but at least he used a non-derogatory term. What you need to realize, Tiff, is that Ken is considering your feelings. I’m sure he could have called you to apologize, but he wanted everyone to know how sorry he was, by posting it on the World Wide Web (despite his misspelling of the word “didn’t”). Nothing says healthy relationship like Facebook exploitation.

♥ The Editors

Also Ken, kick ass truck bro, but next time zoom in a little. It’s hard to make out that kick ass TapOut sticker on the back window.

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  1. Well it’s okay, Tiffany, because Ken clearly DID know that making a joke could piss someone off so easy.

  2. i thought the joke was that his picture is a truck.

  3. ken you sly dog

  4. The best part about this post is Tyler’s comment.

  5. 4 == wrong.

  6. 4 = so, so very right.

  7. all of you = stupid..he obviously meant to say “did”

  8. …. You meant “didn’t”, right doo krew?

  9. doo krew = Fail!

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