Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Boys & Girls

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  1. Brian’s been in some pretty boring relationships.

  2. No first this time jerkoffs!

  3. Ok, I apologize… not all firsters jerkoffs.

  4. firsters are* (damn typos)… woohoo, first four posts!!!!


  6. i spit on a slit… easier than lube

    and bill :hifive:

  7. @mcowles: sorry, some of actually have other things to do. i’ll be back to first again as soon as i can.

    @schiuma: i concur! BEN.

  8. the voice of reason

    I’ve never heard of a “justice of the piece.” Is that like Judge Dredd?

  9. I sometimes feel like people are copying me… I was in a relationship with Flicka Bean… it was an open relationship… then Flicka left me for another woman. And now I am left masturbationless.

  10. @slimjays

    your comment turned me on.

  11. *slimjayz


  12. in case anyone is wondering the last guys name is michael dean. I wish that whoever submitted it would have waited because there are several more great comments on it.

  13. Courtney – Fut the wuck? Vent publicly much?
    David – Rude. Just rude.
    Brian – I hear some women like that.
    And I can’t fault Michael for setting up a profile for his masturbatory ‘girlfriend’. One of my buddies just set one up for his bike, and he is now in a relationship with “her”.

  14. oh and his site has a few other LB worthy status’s 🙂

  15. @eman
    hahahahaa he does have lb worthy status’, found him by search rose e. palm! 🙂

  16. yeah, that was actually how I found him also.

  17. OK. I need some help here. I don’t get Sabrina’s post. Is David firing her?

  18. Mr. Dean, in fact (as his wall tells us), went from being in a(n) (another) relationship to single only on last Sunday. Just below the relationship status post he writes, “It will change back soon…I have something funny in the works”. Very nice. I bet the girl you snared for yourself must be a real catch.

  19. @King Charles I: I believe he is joking on the lines of her getting paid for sex by him….at least that’s how I took it.

  20. well hello sharkie… you be needin the spit, slap and stick? i hook ya up

  21. lol

  22. Slimjayz: LOVE the timing of your comment with hookworms being detailed (by you) on the newest nasty Jennifer post. Is the spit, slap and stick going to involve puppy poo too?

  23. Does anyone else think malteaser is the zombie kid?

  24. Hey, I will take a little Slimjayz lovin’…I ain’t skeered.

  25. king charles – I am guessing David is some wise-assed friend of hers who is pretending to be her pimp.

  26. Nah, the Zombie Kid never strayed from his catchphrase. Old malt is more easily distracted.

  27. Bill and David are both full of win.

  28. nicole and bill shoud hook up and watch some Anime together , that would even things out.

  29. Taking slim’s comment on spit a little further, I will say that
    saliva is by far the best lubricant available. Nothing works better, and costs nothing.

    Don’t waste your money on KY.

  30. Michael’s relationship status is a total rip-off of “Trevors Right”, dislike!!!

  31. word… after i finished tasting your deliciousness we’d have zero need for lube

  32. Amen to that slim.

  33. courtney is an attention whore.

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