Friday, August 6, 2010

Oh! Snap!

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  1. Bummer.

  2. :'(

  3. It seems to be only for your good self at this point, Em – unless you can screw with it a little more…

  4. No fair. I thought it would work. Ah well, I give up.

  5. Holy fuck what happened to the comments? I leave for a day and you guys go all bolded on me. Jesus, people.

  6. what the s-hit happened? why the shit is my comment erased… .heads will roll

  7. anyone else in the cincinnati area might be able to back me up on this one, but “TCH” to me stands for “the christ hospital”, therefore i took the plate as meaning they’re like, an pediatric nurse or some shit. this is how mah brain works at 7am on a saturday. 🙁

  8. I regularly enter Gays Arcade

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