Monday, July 5, 2010

Beautiful Bios

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  1. I love bunny ears, they’re cute.

  2. Oh come on, yoink. Don’t be like that. We’re pussy pals now. We should compare notes. Personally, I think it is fantastic when Gracie tickles my balls with her fingernails.

  3. And that’s exactly what you do with bunny ears.

    I gotta get out of here.

  4. we anit pussypals dunt fuckin use her name yeh gracey did tel me actuly she sed u got bigger tits than her an that ur nipples were bigger than ur dick she got no plesure from it an only dun it to see if it was actuly posible for sumone wiv such a smal strawnob to mayntayn an erecton so u anit the winna wiv it dildonipples

  5. Ha ha. You just admitted that your girlfriend is a whore who has a thing for fat deformed freaks.

  6. no i dint u just admited u was a fat diformd freek who goes to hores cos that the onli way u can get layd

  7. ur a fuckin cumnugget

  8. That was beautiful.

  9. wat was nuff?

  10. i totally forgot about the original lamebook posts by the time i got to the bottom of the comments. i liked them too, but that meeting of souper wit and yoink was great.

  11. Obviously yoink received his education via porn magazines. He can spell fuck, cunt, cock,dick, ass,cum,tits and nipples correctly, but that’s it.

  12. haha, what was this post about again? ^ I’m with you AndSheWas

    I find it a little worrisome that I can understand what Yoink’s msgs actually say.

  13. Douchetastic the Forned Rose

    Soup, you are the anti-dicklestick. I bow to you.

  14. lurking verbiage

    i have nothing whatsoever to add here, other than to say i’ve enjoyed this tremendously and plan to lurk more in the future.

  15. Ah…the meeting of Soup and Yoink was overdue…and delivered as well as I had hoped….

    The sad part is….is that I’m not sure if Yoink was actually offended by Soup or if he was just responding so everyone could laugh their heads off…..I don’t know about anyone else but I laughed…

    I bow to Soup and Yoink

  16. I’m with lurking verbiage.

    It must be a British thing because I feel completely out of my league wit-wise, and I was told I was pretty quick on the draw.

    Yoink puts me to shame as a spelling Nazi. I can’t get over the insults…and I thought I was creative with things like “dickmunch”.

    My final comment before I lurk again: the username has nothing to do with your Grace, Yoink. Grace is my nickname (albeit as an oxymoron because I am a complete klutz). Didn’t want to get my ass virtually kicked for it!

  17. Achmayzinggrace

    When I read your name…I got a vision of Achmed the dead terrorist from Youtube o.O

    Yes it’s late and I’m a slightly disturbed individual…but seriously….-.-“

  18. I’m flattered by that, sadly. I have a bit of a Jeff Dunham obsession.

  19. Dukey Smoothy Buns

    Achmed the dead terrorist Rules.

  20. LMFAO @ soup & yoink…. I love u guys

  21. Yoink your comments are actually funny but your pretending not to know how to type is getting to me. I’ve seen you spell correctly, stop this act it’s annoying! … (yes you know me.)

    Anybody that’s a friend of Yoink is an enemy of mine. former fan of Kras, Hobo and Word.

  22. Saffer, that last lane made you look like the Queen of the E-Tools

  23. fuck me…..line*

  24. Saffer, I’m yoink’s friend?

  25. Anika’s ex is awesome. I bet she doesn’t even know about it… until now

  26. Yoink, if you will continue to write like this then I have no choice but to break the promise I made to your dying mom; I am going to hit you repeatedly on your head with a baloney sandwich.

  27. what the fuck is a balony sanwich an my mum is not dead an shes stil wiv my dad u fuckaroon

  28. Ummmm. Anika, I work at subway. Does that count?or are you only interested in quizno’s employees… I have a toaster oven if that makes a difference

  29. I freaked out so much when I read this because lame #2’s name is the same as mine and I thought someone hacked my account or something… -.-

  30. Mmmm, cumnuggets.

  31. Saffer, are you saying you no longer like me word and kras because we’re friends with yoink? Because I can’t speak for kras, but… well, or word, but… I can’t take the rejection :'(

  32. Also I’m not sure where me being yoink’s friend has come from. :S

  33. Paranoid Android

    Pure fucking comedy gold, television – I am done with thee.

  34. We stil love you Hobo.

  35. Someone (yoink0 has a lot of time to molest his keyboard to post on Lamebook. A LOT OF TIME.

  36. krasivaya_devushka

    lol @ Turkish!

  37. Strawnob and dildo nipples made me giggle. Also I believe that Turkish is spot on about yoinks edukaysion.

  38. Calenthedestroyer

    Last post of Yoink:
    what the fuck is a balony sanwich an my mum is not dead an shes stil wiv my dad u fuckaroon


    Dubya Tee Eff, mate. My mother still lives within the land of the living. She also still resides with my father. You fuckaroon.

  39. Calenthedestroyer

    Ah, forgot the first part.

    Also, what on earth is a balony sanwich?
    I always thought it was a balogna sandwich. Am I incorrect in this assumption?

  40. OMG!!!! i laughed my ass off and was crazyily aroused by Soup…. wat does that say about me? and i wanna be best friends with word and hobo. i love you guys and been following you for a very very very long time… i’m like your stalker.. hahahahhahahhaha WHERE IS SLIMZ????!!! he fucked me then never appeared again. 🙁

  41. don’t take me seriously w00kie. Someday I’m gonna marry Hobo (after he ditches his current fiancee)

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