Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Beautifully Busted!

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  1. She needs to eat a sandwich or two

  2. apd7721: It’s funny, the people who say shit like that could always stand to skip a meal or two.

  3. I always think I’m pathetic. And then I see this. Thanks Lamebook.

  4. People apparently don’t realize that things like Google Image Search or Tineye exist.

  5. How’d that person find that picture? I know, I know…Google, but it’s not like you can type in “red head green top” and she’s gonna pop up.

  6. @5 Proving my point. ;P

    You can drag and drop any image into Google Image Search or Tineye and it will search for other instances of it.

  7. I didn’t know that.

    What use does that serve other than proving your friends wrong?

  8. “Yea man, She’s a porn star too. She’s a freak in bed!”

  9. Somehow, I have the feeling both individuals are VERY familiar with Alice’s gallery.

  10. now they can go to a new york rangers game together.

  11. btw, beatus, fucking google chrome was my problem. i uninstalled that shit and now lamebook runs like a beast again on my internet machine.

  12. And this is what happens when you fake a post about something nobody cares about!

    Hip-hip, Hooray!

  13. Of course i could afford to skip a meal but it doesnt nullify my point of her being too skinny

  14. ^ Don’t skip meals. That slows your metabolism down and makes you store fat. Instead, eat smaller portions, and eat every three hours if you can. Of course, don’t make a Snickers every snack time, either.

  15. #14 Straight up Beatus. Also don’t expect to lose weight overnight, it took years to put it on it may take years to take it off.

    #13 Yeah she looks to be underweight right on that line of unhealthy looking.

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