Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Darnell’s Right

Darnell's Right

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  1. Kinda sucks. Low on the lame-meter though. I guess because he is making people feel uncomfortable on a public forum? And he can’t spell?

  2. I love the way there’s an advert for a dating service below this.

  3. It’s true, you can never be too over-protected. Or “over-protective” or, you know, whatever. Francisco is the best. “Snaped” her phone in half twice, say what? I would have cheated on him too. No one “snapes” my phone in half.

  4. I dunno…he seems a little bypolar to me

  5. I love how Francisco follows up a compliment to his friends and family with a damning condemnation of his wife, and then claims he’s not “bypolar”.

  6. He’s just being crafty… that way when people see him taking his lithium, he can say “I never said I wasn’t bipolar”. And when he said “you can’t be over-protected” I though he would say he used 2 condoms at once and thats how she became his “babys moma”.

  7. Dear Jackass,

    Good thing you have “a reason” for anything bad you do to your wife… justification totally absolves you of any responsibility for your actions. I’m sure everyone is happy to know that your apparent immaturity and stupidity isn’t actually a sign of the legitimate mental illness you refer to; this confirms that you’re just a moron.

    PS I’m sure your friends really care… or are pretending that they do.

  8. Not cool Francisco, Bypolarity is a real disease. Maybe you should read up on it before you start using the term “bypolar” so casually.

  9. You sound like a over bearing jack ass. No wonder why she kept her mouth shut and ran to someone else. I would have too. In fact if I was her I would be afraid for my own safety and not just because you are Bipolar. Try actually being educated about a disease before you throw it in your crazy fits on Facebook.

  10. Remember back in the days before the Internet when we didn’t really understand the level of illiteracy in this country?

  11. Okay, I admit it.
    I’m pretty gutted that no one took the chance to abuse the ‘Like’ button here.

  12. I would be cheating on him too.

  13. Hey, you leave us bipolar people out of this. I’m certified and highly medicated and I’ve NEVER snaped anyone’s phone in half. And I really don’t feel the need to overprotected anyone.

    Hm, maybe my meds work!

  14. WTF

  15. Maybe he used “SNAPEd” because of the whole ‘Arry Potta theme of the day??? And maybe his wife was cheating on him with a House Elf…MEANWHILE back on EARTH, that Lady has NO phone! it’s been all Snaped…TWICE…Fuck You MAN!

  16. I submitted this! 🙂
    I also liked the use of “bro”

  17. a guy named jordan posted this on it today
    “Wattt!!! Even though thats my sis i b there 4 wats rite mane u gon make it makes u smarter n stronger i bet u learned ur lesson bt txt me if u need me bro n law.”
    thought it was a bit ironic
    another guy also suggested busting her windshield out.

  18. This is so messed up on so many levels that I just have to go with the entertainment of it. And quite entertaining it is. I so wish Francisco was MY “sweat” heart!

  19. It is sad he got cheated on, but he lost all sympathy by acting like no one should trust their wife and they also should make sure their wives phones get snaped in half.

  20. I like the way the laws of basic physics were defeated by virtue of the phone being snaped in half *twice*. Surely you can only do it once; any more would be quarters. Unless snaping is different to snapping.

  21. My favorite part:

    “tamera my wife my babys moma my highschool sweat heart my girlfriend my friend my soul mate my love my lover my baby cakes my princess my used to be everything”

    WHAT THE FUCK!! ahahaha damn.

  22. I love how his brother-in-law writes in the same gibberish. I wish I was on the annual Christmas letter list for this family…
    “yo bros
    tamera my used to be sweat heart and i are not together no more… let me tell you how it all went down”

  23. hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha. too bad i know this person ahahahahahaha.

  24. A relative of mine got dignosed bipolar recently. Guess I better make sure she never gets her hands on my phone, huh? Dem cwazy bypolars.

    (I’m slightly that way myself, I just flex em a little tho.)

  25. Don't feed the morons

    You should have to pass a spelling test before you can have a facebook account.

  26. NO! Not his SWEAT Heart!

  27. I’m thrilled to know they procreated.

  28. Francisco is your typical overproctetive Mexican who slaps his wife around when she acts suspicious. He left out that part.

  29. I believe that the best observation of the year must be awarded to Steve.
    Also, I love how Francisco comes to the conclusion that “you can never be too over protected”, as if being more so would have prevented the cheating. Perhaps if he had snaped her phone in half THREE times?

  30. Darnell’s right, indeed.

  31. bipolarity is not a disease. it is a mental/emotional disorder. god you people are dumb.

  32. I’d cheat on my husband if he had spelling like that…

  33. he was his “high school sweat heart”
    he loved her.
    the sweaty cheater and the loser who can’t spell.

  34. This facebook dude’s issue is he’s an insecure overprotective husband who Snapes phones.. his ignorant use of the term ‘bypolar’ just irritating but the comments are worse… it is both mental and physical as well as highly genetic so it’s not just mental/emotional in nature.

  35. aww, and tamera used to be such a sweaty pie…

  36. … and Gracenote (commenter #28) swings in with a completely racist/bigoted nonsequitir. (“Mexican”?! The fuck?)

    I agree with danineteen (commenter #30), though; the only WIN on this one comes from poor Darnell, who’s probably still recovering from this massive tidal wave of overshare/Internet drama.

  37. Coloured folks do the darnedest things

  38. “Any thing bad i would do to her was for a reason”


  39. No sympathy at all for Francisco. He deserved exactly what he got. I hope Tamera runs as far away from this loser as possible.

  40. I love this. It’s like “Maury: The Book”.

  41. I really need to be overprotected..really i do

  42. Overprotective works in some relationships.

    Breaking phones doesn’t.

  43. Wow. Mentally and emotionally abusive much? It’s ok though. Everything bad he would do to her he had a reason for….I cannot believe there is a human being out there this ignorant and stupid….

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