Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Being a Sport

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  1. Fuck you Steeeeeveer.

    ..and these are shit.

  2. Crystal fails.

  3. 3rd Comment.

  4. Fuck! I wanted to be third.

    I didn’t watch the half-time show, just the ads

  5. American Handegg is funny….. when rape is involved…. otherwise it’s an excruciatingly boring stop start form of mental torture.

    A bit like my ‘fucking whilst holding the base of my chunky cream hose’ technique.

  6. Crystal, please go give yourself a swirly. Or let me do it for you.

    And I wasn’t aware that there was a remote portion of the universe where Tiger Woods jokes are still funny. Learn something new every day unfortunately.

  7. Go give yourself a swirly – nice… have a few clients I think I may use that on.

  8. Well, good thing the Packers one. So take that one up the ass Crystal.

  9. ‘good thing the Packers “one”‘?! haha @#$%ing idiot

    And for everyone bitchin about Crystal it was funny. And… it’s true.

  10. I just like how she ripped off Antoine Dodson’s web redemption on Tosh.0 and then proceeded to submit herself to Lamebook immediately after posting this shit. Good job!

  11. Or maybe she was referring to Roethlisberger’s two rape accusations? Just a thought. Tosh.0 is weak, not everybody watches that crap.

  12. ashesxandxwine

    If you had seen it, you would know that is precisely what it pertained to. Hence my point.

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