Tuesday, February 8, 2011

I Saw the Sign

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  1. Dukey Smoothy Buns

    LOST: The flying fuck that I give about that first post.

  2. Well Dukey, I haven’t found it. Damn, I bet that first pic would be a lot funnier if I were able to find the fuck that is supposed to be given. Too bad.

  3. Blondie, I’m sure before this thread is over, many fucks will be offered to you so don’t lose heart.

  4. Dukey, I found your flying fuck. Thank you for making it the best three minutes of my life.

  5. Due to my love of the drink, I had to put up one of those signs for my virginity. Turns out my mom had it the whole time. I did think it was a little tacky for her to collect the reward.

  6. I don’t know Comments, the day is almost done…

  7. To make it somewhat amusing in my mind, I’m going to assume the second one was written by some big, burly straight guy to his girlfriend/wife.

  8. Yey a couple of wins! What is a “swiffer” though. And whoever Perno is, must have had alcoholic parents.

  9. curly, it’s a totally lame mop-like thing with chux-like thing on it, and you “swiff” it around the floor to collect dust. Gay.

  10. Ah thanks word, never heard of one! Good morning (well at least for me), how’re you doing these days?

  11. Good evening (where I am), bapsy. I am firing on all cylinders, back behind the wheel, and back at work. Thanks for asking. Warming up over there yet? We’ve had enough heat here of late that the entire UK, and, the continent could take a big slice, and we’d still be sweating. Fuck me, it’s been warm.

  12. Glad to hear you’re fighting fit! Nope, still bloody cold here, if it’s not snow its the bloody rain.

  13. I used to write my mummy notes asking about what shit I should wear…. It was normally decided I should daub myself in a mixture of both her solid and fluid manure.

  14. Due to my stoner hangover, I found these mildly amusing (I heart drugs and booze btw, just to clarify.)

    I would say a ‘big thumbs up’ but with mofo about, things could get messy.

  15. Dukey Smoothy Buns


  16. Is that last one signed “Conor?”

  17. Walter, I *think” the note is signed, Shannon.

  18. Paint_my_nails_please

    I have a dyslexic 8 year old so I am an expert at ready crazy stuff and I’m guessing that note #3 would read “shirt” and not “shit” if the writer could actually spell.

  19. Paint_my_nails_please

    aggh, I am an expert at >reading crazy stuff< and not ready crazy whatever I said.

  20. Thanks Wallace. I really did think the kid just didn’t like the clothes… It was funnier that way

    Maybe Shannon is Conor’s last name?

  21. Hm, Blondie, looks as if I was wrong (color me surprised by the way) – so in the spirit I was expecting finish this sentence: “Nice shoes… wanna ____?”

  22. WTF??? Big Spider? It was faking? Oh brother.

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