Thursday, July 8, 2010

Bent Out of MISHApe

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  1. “Note: Temporarily, new account creation is suspended while developers work to combat spammers. Please check back later!” – . I’m hoping this is for real….

  2. Really? Because I miss the Alens. Both 001 and 002.

  3. Faithama, I assume there are multiple Lamebook mods. Some mod one day, others mod the next day. That doesn’t seem implausible to me.

    If it’s just one person running the whole site, then I have to give kudos.

  4. I feel it necessary to point out that condoms to not prevent against herpes.

  5. Paranoid Android

    Right, having skimmed previous comments:-

    What’s the dealio with yoink?

    Are people still doing the lame ‘pretending to be other people’ thing?

    Has anyone got laid?

    Is herpes now cool?

    Has Frodo got a pool yet?

  6. yoink had a sex change

    people will always = lame

    Sadly no..been a few weeks..Im almost to the point where my standards are as follows:
    1) cooch
    2) head
    3) warm body
    4) heart beat

    Frodo has a hot tub

  7. In order of significance of course

  8. Paranoid Android

    Much obliged Wookie, few weeks man, that’s harsh.

  9. Ah man, just as I thought Lamebook was getting back to normal, the moron name-stealer returns.

    Yeah! Stealing people’s names and leaving comments that sound so similar to their’s, nobody but them notices! You’re a genius! -_-

  10. Hobo,

    I don’t even know what normal is around here anymore. This place is a fucking mess. I can’t even be bothered with reading the comments anymore. Damn shame.

  11. Bucky, I second that!

  12. @100

    Misha is a commonly used boy name in Russia and ex-Sovjet states. An abbreviation of ‘Michael’.

  13. I don’t understand how you steal someone’s name. Feeling stupid right now.

  14. Mamalumps, I didn’t either.. But then they stole my name.. I don’t know why, I think it was because I said that it was impossible. But they told britishhobo that i want her to lick my dildo after i stick it up her ass..

  15. Amd Bucky, I agree. The comments used to be, by far, the best part. But now it’s just silly. -.-

  16. krasivaya_devushka

    Isn’t BritishHobo a guy?

  17. die fake word.

  18. CommentsAtLarge


    I second that, except it should read “die screaming”

  19. .. on fire.

    Thanks Comments .. I seldom get a second unless ( too loaded for witty comment).

  20. As much as I laughed at this…I wish it were real. Even though it’s awful. But hilarious.

  21. Paranoid Android-He most definitely does not have a pool. We decided to hand that over to Dan Fargis, my man my man.

  22. CommentsAtLarge


    Most times my support for your comments come in the form of laughter upon reading them, this time it just needed to be in print.

  23. It seems as though even lamebook is attempting to get us all to go back to a simpler time…

    a time when a misguided med student could make a jackass out of himself to the delight of all…

    a time when mathematical proofs involved ben and herpes and frodo.

    and mom would bake fresh chocolate chip cookies…

    i miss those days.


  24. It is difficult to tell who’s a guy and who’s a girl; but also unimportant.

  25. @BritishHobo- What makes you think I won’t be getting laid again? Yes, herpes is a drawback, but look at my grammar; impeccable.

  26. You just showed everybody why. Although I must admit, there are people out there that are lower than you on the evolutionary scale. I just pray that you don’t breed.

  27. Okay, in some places it is illegal to not tell your partners that you have HIV/AIDS. Pretty sure this doesn’t apply to all STDs though. It is illegal, however, to have sex with someone if they’re drunk and you’re sober.

  28. Hiijole_Chingada

    that stever/ben shit is as lame as it gets..and this is a repost

  29. Btw, this was all a long distance game of Truth or Dare between her and I. Have to keep things interesting somehow. lol. There are a lot more comments, but it was trimmed to at least look somewhat authentic, because it gets too off-the-wall and silly.

  30. you submitted your own stuff?


  31. Someone else submitted it. They asked my permission first.

  32. fair enough. although i do find people who are on facebook lame. here is where i come to laugh at them all.

    misha, you must be very proud. maybe you could do a skit for tv next…? let me know when it premieres!

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