Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Big MILFstake



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  1. Trolls

  2. My friends and I just did this to another friend recently. Except that our messages seem pretty damn tame compared to this. I can totally understand why someone would think this is fake. But, I can also believe that Steven has a hilarious ass of a friend that would do this to him.

  3. Must make August 30th a national holiday or something. lol

  4. @Kaoss: I am with you 100% and I find people calling fake annoying too.

    @People who bang on about a post being fake: We come to this site for a laugh because the posts make fantastic content, and the comments underneath are also, in the main, quite funny. Who cares if someone thinks a post is fake. You don’t need to share your insight with us because you kind of ruin the party and kill the buzz.

    By the way – police aren’t really questioning the sunshine, moonlight and good times about Michael Jackson’s death, Tiger Woods does not keep going after the third Ho and Blondes don’t really stare at orange juice cartons because they have ‘concentrate’ on them.

  5. @KAOSS

    “Txikiwi and JJ

    At the risk of sounding like a complete noob (of which I am not)
    what the hell is the ‘by the fuck’ reference referring to? I have seen it a few times now, can someone please tell me where it originated from?

    thanks :)”

    I really want to know that too! Can someone explain? I read all Lamebook and still couldn’t find it… yes, lame

  6. @ KAOSS Txikiwi and JJ

    “By The Fuck” was sourced from an entry here about three months back. As I recall, it started as an argument between an Australian guy and his ex, then the guy’s mother got involved in the firefight. Mom and the ex got into threatening one another with their ‘bikey’ and ‘truckie’ mates – it was a spectacular piece, and the mom dropped the ‘by the fuck’ line into the proceedings – since when it’s been an irregularly occurring site-specific meme. (see also ‘retart’ and ‘doosh’)

    If I can manage to find it again I’ll post a link.

  7. @Mecure,
    good to know I am not alone!

  8. also, thanks Thesaurapist, I cannot remember seeing that one, although I have read them all! I am Aussie so I should remember it 😛

    It would be good if someone can find it so I can remember it 😛


  10. By the fuck, that took a lot of digging! The origin of this wonderful antipodean oath can be found here:
    Cathie FTW!

    Oh, and season’s greetings to all you lamesters – have a good one!

  11. thanks a lot thesau, i almost forgot about that one , what a lovely conversation between adults that was 🙂

  12. Well done Thesaurapist,, I was just about to give up. By the fuck the epicness of that is brilliant

  13. on topic : one of my mates is so getting the steven treatment

    This was truely inspiring.

  14. Thesaurapist, thank you!
    I remember now. I do love the baked bean reference. must use that one day.
    Isn’t it odd that I say “fuck up” meaning ‘shut the fuck up’

    then again, I am an aussie…
    shame that these types of aussies exist, they all sounded like wog trailertrash hoebags, even the dude. Oh well, thankfully I’m on the other side of the country! Bless western australia, too far away from anything for anyone to care about! woot!

  15. He posted this himself ( 0 0 )

  16. Thesaurapist, don’t forget God smacked.

  17. By the fuck, I’ve been God smacked by a retart you doosh!

  18. and fucking peasants …

  19. Thesaurapist, thanks for the link!

    Weird, I remember that entry… Probably I wasn’t paying attention.

  20. Wow. Steven’s ex-girlfriend really hates him.

  21. Glad to have been of service! 😀

    ‘God smacked’ is indeed a total classic, and ‘fucking peasants’ (and any deliberate misspelling thereof) is a personal favourite!

    I think ‘petarded’ should be getting more airplay though . . .

  22. I think Steven’s apology had more exclamation points than Kanye West’s.

  23. Kaoss: All of these people that keep calling fake are trolls. They appear on almost every post and I do agree with the fact that it is beyond fucking annoying!

    Mercure: By the way – police aren’t really questioning the sunshine, moonlight and good times about Michael Jackson’s death, Tiger Woods does not keep going after the third Ho and Blondes don’t really stare at orange juice cartons because they have ‘concentrate’ on them. You just ruined my Christmas :'(

  24. Just read referenced post. By the fuck lmao. And the baked beans reference, classic!!! It is people like Stacey that makes me sad to be an Aussie.

  25. LaDispute your name sucks! I’m making a band called LaDispuke!

  26. Oh, I’m quite pleased to see someone who still remembers where ‘by the fuck’ originated from.
    ‘Doosh’ and ‘retart’ first appeared in what might have been Lamebook’s most epic post of all time, “Jason’s Monster Fail” (which was later deleted but passed around via cache for a while.)

    My favorite is ‘fuckin’ peasants’ too. Makes me smile every time.

  27. i doubt that worked out too well.

  28. Judging on the body of this guy….he doesn’t look like he’d be worried if his ‘parents’ found it. He seems older..possibly college or older. wtf.

  29. FFS he submitted it himself. Obviously fake. Are becky and I the only two people who noticed that?

  30. lmfao…

  31. Hilarious

  32. Hilarious indeed. Errm, change your password?

  33. @79 nope that was the first thing i noticed 🙂 haha… submitted by steve himself… or the hacker… funny funny 🙂 shame man…

  34. This is a private message…so doesn’t that mean either the alleged hacker, Steve, or Jessica sent it?

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