Wednesday, December 23, 2009

It’s Winsday!









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  1. yes <3 my submission was posted.

  2. Eddie, master of logic, hats off to you.

  3. You probably shouldn’t be squatting on FB when you’re supposed to be teaching a class.

  4. Win for small, soft, insensitive penises that cum after 5 seconds.

  5. All but the 3rd were fucking hilarious! Way to go submitter, many kudos to you!

    @Tammy: Class is meant to be working on assignments. Teacher doesn’t have anything to help with for the moment so teacher goes on fb to kill a few minutes and we know the rest. Anyway it is stupid to add teachers on facebook! When will the youth learn they are asking for trouble?

  6. This is fake.

  7. All these are great, just that the first one is already fail without the comments.

    And the 5 seconds thing… It’s fail to both, so I dunno…

    The second one is the best. He doesn’t win, but I like those who give honest opinion.

  8. Mike FTW

  9. The fourth one, about the heart and butt, makes me mad. That was a bumper sticker I had found on the “Bumper Sticker” app. I sent it to my husband because he’s an ass man and loves mine (TMI, I know) and now seeing it here kind of just makes it sad.

  10. Teachers should NEVER be facebook friends with their students! I’m a teacher, and I get a lot of friend requests from students. Have never accepted, not even former students. DUMB!

  11. Ah, these dumb ass kids. Why do they add parents, teachers, and family then act surprised at responses to their ‘updates’?

  12. did anyone else notice tom is a blurred out vulpix

  13. @mikeGunit

    Lately I’ve seen a lot of FB profiles with Pokemon pictures… I don’t know what’s that about. Maybe a meme or trend that I’m not aware of.

  14. …and this is what’s considered to be “America’s Future”?

  15. Southwest Airlines do not cause diarrhea. They do cause skid marks though.

  16. Aunt Eunice, who just turned 78, recently visited Daniel’s family. It was a particularly hot day, and she was panting a bit to try and cope with the heat. As Daniel opened the door, she noticed how much Daniel has grown, and playfully asked him if he’s now the man of the house. That is what really happened.

    Then there is Daniel’s version on facebook. He’ll get far in politics.

  17. worst_episode_ever

    harris is my fave, “when its soft you cant beat it” LMFAO!!!

  18. Can’t fault Giorgio’s logic

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