Monday, October 19, 2009

Best Friends Forever



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  1. emma’s a bitch and kimberly is in denial about being hated by her friends

  2. emma, kimberley, kimberley l and heather all live together.
    kim l and emma are best friends.
    kim l has a boyfriend named eric.
    emma sleeps with eric.
    kim finds out, and emma is aware that she knows.
    emma wants kim to move out.
    during an argument, emma winds kim up so much that she blurts out what she knows to kim l.
    these four girls are still living together although emma spends a lot of time at eric’s.
    emma hates kim.
    kim hates emma.
    kim l hates emma.
    heather wants to stay out of it but would take kim l’s side since she was the one betrayed by her ‘best friend’
    kim is hated by everyone.
    this is a case of shooting the messenger.
    The End

    i’m a bi-girl Londoner and this is precisely why i refuse to live in a house full of girls.
    too much drama!

  3. stupid girls and they’re all fat

  4. Haha! Guys that tag girls on the internet as fat when they’re not at all are GUARANTEED obese and fugly.

    Same for guys named Jimbo. Fact.

  5. @ @@@@@@@@

    If we did a vote on who looks like the retard here, I think you might be disappointed.

  6. The results of the vote are in!

    Who looks like more of a retard:

    @@@@@@@@ – 91%
    Everyone else – 9%

  7. @ Ben

    I love you for using Latin.

  8. @ Ben

    I hate you for using Latin.

    You win some, you lose some.

  9. They’re all wrong: life is a bitch.

  10. That’s why I’m gay. Girls are irrational and seem to always find stupid reasons to fight about stuff.

    Well…girls who don’t know not to wear sleeveless shirts when they have linebacker shoulders. And really? Zebra stripes? With that girthy midsection???

  11. Girthy mid-section? You must be gay to think that girl is chubby. I know girls who couldn’t fit an arm in that shirt.

    But zebra isn’t really flattering on anyone.

  12. My heart bleeds out for them……


  13. I am not sure what the folks picking on the looks/bodies of the four girls are trying to prove, but personally, if I could choose between either (A) only one night with any of these four girls, or (B) a 1000 nights with Kate Moss, I’d take option (A).

    In fact, I’d take option (A) a 1000 times over before I’d take option (B) once.

  14. I dunno, it kind of warms my heart to see that some people out there can actually spell

  15. They’re all hot
    So, where exactly da party at?

  16. The lame bit for me is that Kimberley did what I have sometimes done myself (but corrected) which is to copy and paste and comment and have FB put the “read more” in it. She hasn’t removed it though. It says “you do shit like this… Read moreto people you call your best friend”

    Not very lame though.

  17. THEY LIVE TOGETHER. One would think they could talk to each other in person. Things like this make me glad I’m gay.

  18. If I understand bitch talk, the translation is Emma slept or is sleeping with Kim’s ex bf Eric. Kimberly knew or found out and told Kim, now they’re hating on Emma. I think that sounds about right…

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