Monday, October 19, 2009

College: If They Can, Anyone Can.



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  1. @Sarah (that one)

    It’s ok, we can’t all be from good schools in the Big 10. I must have filled that quota already.

  2. because God wont love you for the other 20 days of the year.

  3. Everyone deserves a vacation.

  4. mander salamander

    ..345 days a year…

  5. Hey Julie…I’m a Murphy, and seriously, I got your joke and actually lolled. Snarky comments are fun. I’ll have to find a thread not to jack and comment on the morons too. Poor college girls that were former Homecoming Queens, having to share breathing space with Hipsters. Actually, they rather deserve one another.

  6. Damon, she also misspelled “I’m”, “I’ve” and “doesn’t”; forgot to capitalise the first word of the sentence; didn’t hyphenate “self-righteous” or “god-damned”; and over-used exclamation marks. You, meanwhile, misspelled “you’re” and forgot to end a sentence with a full stop.

    Now… what did I do wrong? :p Is it “misspelled” or “misspelt”? Should I have used semi-colons or just commas? Should I have used the word “and” after a semi-colon? Should I have said “period” instead of “full stop”? Should “full stop” be one word?

  7. @ Jill Smartass

    Absolute 100% effort. In fact, it is so good it might upset the spelling-&-gramophone nazi’s here as they won’t be able to spot a mistake anywhere in your post. Or should that be, nazis?

    The post by One Stone Whammy (#74) is by far the funniest, cleverest and winning-est post of all time, like, for 345 days a year. Just had to mention his post after all this time because no one else did. You deserved better, One Stone.

    And isn’t it so delightful how some persons arrive here late – not bothering to read any of the already posted comments – then entertain us by posting something that has already been repeated ad infinitum and ad nauseum. I am in fact pretty sure that the very next post is going to mock T.j. for following the 345-day calendar, because no one else has noticed it yet.

  8. omg, 345 days a year! Lawl!


  9. @ bleu

    *wink* well done!

  10. @ Jaco: neither. “Nazi” get a capital because it’s a proper noun. Let’s go through all the errors in the first example, because Jill Smartass gave up caring before pointing out all of them. “Self-righteous” should have a hyphen and “righteous” is misspelt. The next sentence doesn’t begin with a capital, “Im” is missing an apostrophe, “dosnt” is like a cat walked on the keyboard, “ive” misses a capital and an apostrophe, “brai” tells its own story, “god dambed” should be one word if it were spelt correctly, “God” gets a capital because he rocks one fuck of a beard, and “dambed” is obviously a throwback from RE class and “lamb”. God works in all sorts of fucked-up ways.

    Oh, and Damon should get over the fact she missed the “‘s”. He missed the 49th day of fetal neural development.

    Jill Smartass above covered pretty much everything else (but should it be “arse”?), although my penchant for double-quotes will get some people worked up, fo sheezy.

    And let’s chalk up a big, juicy FAIL to everyone above sounding off about possessive apostrophe usage and bleating about poor spelling when their own reads like they’re missing a chromosome. Thesaurapist13’s effort – “None of us is will ever be quite as god at spelling or grammar again” – is all we need to see. Finally, fuck you William F Buckley for assuming everyone under 30 is a moron. I’m 28 and arrogant middle-aged men are only good for having desperate wives who’ll do anything I tell them to.

  11. tl;dr… :sigh:

  12. That's... awesome

    Yeah, back to Twitter for you buddy.

  13. In response to #14: what does her typing her status on Facebook Mobile have to do with anything? I update my status on Facebook Mobile all the time and I don’t make mistakes like this.

  14. Damon, if you’re going to be a grammar policeman then get it right:

    Sarah misspelt (or misspelled for our American friends) ‘righteous’, ‘I’m’, ‘doesn’t’, ‘I’ve’, ‘brains’ and ‘damned’. She also didn’t give God a capital letter. However, I don’t think that TA needed an ‘s’ on the end because she was talking about a singular; she later says ‘hipster!’

    Damon, you lame boy, you misspelt ‘you’re’ whilst picking fault with someone else’s spellings, and only corrected a few of Sarah’s mistakes which suggests to me that you didn’t realise the rest were wrong.

  15. Lmao @ TJ’s second status down. That is classic.

  16. TJ’s second status is one of the few here that really made me laugh out loud.
    I immidiately thought “And the other 20 days of the year, you’re on your fucking own.”

  17. WOW. Tj is just a moron. Plain and simple!

  18. I understand Damon correcting Sarah and i respect him but he misspelled “You’re” which kinda ruins the whole you’re a retard and i know spelling so I’m gonna correct you thing…
    + T.J should probably repeat 1st grade or make that kindergarten…idiot.

  19. i guess god hates us for the other 20 days of the year

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