Monday, October 19, 2009

No One’s Helping Henry

No Ones Helping Henry

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  1. ChocolateSquirrel


    You sound a bit…frustrated. Maybe I’ll use the money I’m apparently not allowed to spend on my trial to get you laid. I’m sure a hooker would have you.

  2. @Boz

    Stop making us look stupid dawg.


    I don’t give a shit either. Stop commenting about me.

  3. Me and my hand tonight.

  4. Really? Is that really the best you can do? For shame.

  5. should shut the hell up.

  6. Where is AnonIsGay? I pine for the anonymity of AnonIsGay.

  7. Get her to barf into your lawn mower and save a few bucks.

  8. Boz is the only one in my heart <33333333333

  9. Speaking as canuck, Bingo, Mr Haiku, anti-Boz (the original) and a bunch of other minor characters, Lamebook comments has officially been ruined and I’ve had enough. See you later. Enjoy your shit sandwich.

  10. maybe he’s talking about like gasolina. like in that one song about gasoline being cum

  11. I’m thinking the reason he went to FB as opposed to a poison hotline is that he wanted his wife to die, so he could find a new woman intelligent enough to get a glass of water when she was thirsty!

  12. Thesaurapist 13(F)

    Is Boz the new anon?

  13. All I know is that I love Boz.

  14. Kent wins.

  15. Do not talk about /boz/
    Do NOT talk about /boz/
    We are boz
    boz is legion
    boz can be horrible, senseless, uncaring monster

  16. I think Amanda wins.

  17. Rule #34.

  18. Anonisgay = win!

  19. Anyone who swallows petrol clearly isn’t fit and must submit to natural selection

  20. Go to a doctor because gas should NOT be coming out of your dick.

  21. What do you do?
    You say, “If you can swallow gasoline, what makes you so nervous to swallow my c*m?”

  22. What the shit is the “poison control hotline”? As if that fucking exists.

  23. actually that hotline does exist…for people like this

  24. “What the shit is the “poison control hotline”? As if that fucking exists.”

    ok, the site can close now. there’s no way it should continue where there’s people that stupid reading it

  25. ROFLMAO Kent FTW

  26. “Get her to draw up a will and ask her about her funeral arrangements”

  27. See if she can pee out some unleaded.

  28. John Players Standard

    Amanda is right.

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