Friday, February 14, 2014

Big Day

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  1. I remember that from 2006!
    1st (again)

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  3. Looks like Dahmer’s sink at first

  4. If you keep taking pictures of you bathing your hand, it’s your own fault if you get raped.

  5. The Beast Among Us

    His hand looks like it’s covered in blood.

  6. Andrew, your ‘girlfriend’ is fucking ugly.

  7. That’s fucking funny. I know I laughed… Then again I don’t remember 2006 at all.

    One of the many benefits of smoking green.

  8. Agree with #4

  9. The whole “my hand is my girlfriend” joke is getting very, very old. It was worth a chuckle or two initially, but now there’s nothing redeeming about it. I mean, two posts ago Lamebook had the exact same joke! (Granted, it was a hand with lipstick, rather than a hand in a bubble bath.)

    Seriously, though: Repetition ad nauseum doesn’t make an unfunny thing funny, it makes it annoying (much like the posts of someone whose name starts with an “ST” and ends with an “EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEVER”).

  10. Zip it Earl

  11. Agree with #8.

  12. Agree with #11

  13. #1, ok we’ll give you that one.
    #2, fake
    #3, Maybe if there were a few metal cookware pots in arrangement around the sink.
    #4, That scenario is possible.
    #5, coincides with #3
    #6, Looks fade but personality, that’s forever.
    #7, agree
    #8, You can agree with yourself but make sure you use a different screenname.
    #9, some merits to your argument but the joke is not nearly annoying enough to feel one way or another about it.
    #10, Good call because he probably did have it unzipped.
    #11, If you keep agreeing with your own comments on Lamebook, I don’t think any woman will even know you’re alive in the first place.
    #12, See #11

  14. Agree with #12.

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