Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Big Mystaque

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  1. So who’s the bigger dumbass here – Ben or Matt?

  2. Well, they shouldn’t be serving booze to minors. He didn’t badmouth his place of work, he just exposed their criminal activity. It’s not his fault his boss is a dumbass.

  3. Hm. At least if Ben reports the Mystique Mystaque Matt can blame the whistle-blowing on a disgruntled former employee and make the police believe it’s lies all lies. Not a very good plan, but seems to be all he has.

  4. I don’t see how using f/b on company time is ‘topping’ excusing himself from work because his brother was drunk.

    Matt = Fail. But then that’s probably the reason he’s managing an underage drinking establishment.

  5. Why do I feel like this post is fake? Just resembles way too closely to:

  6. Have a feeling Matt is actually Ben’s minor brother and now is not the time to stop serving him booze.


  8. First let me say I think this is fake. If it isn’t Matt could be in BIG trouble, a court ruled TODAY that it is protected speech. In that case the person was at home on their own time, so he may have grounds there. But seriously who is so stupid to friend their boss…I’ve never had a boss that I didn’t wish choked on their bigger paycheck, ego, and inept donothingitude. That might be why I’ve been self employed for a decade.

  9. @j1000k- You’re an idiot. First of all, he *was* at work whilst posting it, second of all- which court? Which jurisdiction? It probably isn’t valid precedent, especially if in the US. Also, many people have their bosses on facebook, I do.

  10. Dukey Smoothy Buns

    usernamekatie Well done. Remember not to de-friend or block your boss and if we are lucky we will see you on one of these posts soon.

  11. This is crap. Every time I get a minor liquored up, I end up on a list and have to move. I didn’t know it was a tricycle, I thought it was an ATV. She looked very mature for a midget.

  12. He was on Mobile Web.. he could’ve been checking his phone while on a five-minute break or something. If this is real, then Matt is one of the most unprofessional bosses ever. And super lame.

  13. Matt, stop serving drink to underage kids. You’re lucky your employees haven’t had you reported, dick.

  14. Some people call it ‘Underage Drinking’ I call it ‘Seduction and Foreplay’.

    Potatoe – Potato

  15. I agree with epicmeh.

    The first thing I noticed was that it was a mobile entry. He was most likely on break.

    Matt is a douche.

  16. bear in mind that “minor” in the united states can mean anyone under the age of 21, which is frankly ridiculous. american alcohol regulation laws are absurd and discriminatory, and in my opinion create more problems than they solve.

    i admire matt for taking the law into his own hands and giving young adults the opportunity to enjoy a drink. ben is a lazy and devious little shit, and his facebook post was clearly borne of a personal grudge rather than genuine concern.

  17. katie: You are an idiot. Do a basic google search before you talk out of your ass.


  18. vincent, you think Matt’s a hero? Consider this: In a time when unemployment is high, he’s risking his job as well as all of the employees at that establishment by not only breaking the law, but admitting to it in a public place. Not only will all his employees lose their jobs, they will also be branded with the stigma of having worked in a place that served alcohol to minors.

    That’s not a hero. That’s an asshole. You don’t fix laws by breaking them.

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