Tuesday, February 16, 2010


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  1. I guess Drew left his own gift!

  2. Willy splinters?

  3. he left his home grown seeds for the birds.

  4. @gingivitis, I’m also wondering about that. I’d hate to dig those out with tweezers and a needle.

  5. Thanks, Kizzle. Good thing you’re here.

  6. It sure is, probably not a good thing Drew is though, there’s going to be alot of bird vomit around

  7. It’s Kristen’s fault for having such a sexy birdhouse.

  8. guess it makes sense… where else do you stick a pecker

  9. @Gingivitis: good one. Does it happen to you? You were really fast with that comment. Just wondering, uhm…

  10. @Madrid on Fire – I can honestly say I have never done anything like Drew. Not least because I don’t have a willy! Just, honestly, when he wrote that there was only one way to check, that was the first thing I thought of. Thank God for the eenerbl’s of this world who make me feel slightly more normal!

  11. Kristen says “sick” but I bet she’s thinking “I’ve got to check this out”

  12. This would have been funnier had a woodpecker been in the bird house.

  13. Or a cock hahahaha! Comedy is funny. Or maybe a booby, or a yellow bellied sapsucker, or a swallow, or a titmouse, or a vulture (don’t judge me).

  14. @ gingivitis

    Maybe that bird house is packing a big peg… More than one way to fuck a birdhouse


  15. @gingivitis: I just was curious about the state of his junk. If he was pumping it in there, there’s got to be some sort of marks. One would think.

    OK, I’ve put way to much thought into this man’s junk, I’m letting it go.

  16. The argument could be made that the sexual assault was, in some respects, the birdhouse’s fault. There it was, hangin round the porch, lookin all hot and holey, where drunken Drew was surreptitiously hurling into the bushes. Really, who could blame him. I am pretty sure he’s not the only man to fall victim to the charms of that little hussy of a birdhouse. Totally normal behavior right? Right?

  17. Ew.

  18. @yaya

    Now, now. We don’t blame the victim.

  19. There are some men who should have their peckers caged.

  20. You cant keep a wild pecker caged… caged peckers dont cum

  21. Experience talking slim?

  22. “I tawt I taw a pu… …oh my, hewp! hewp!”

  23. poor birds… they’ll have to have soggy bread.

  24. Yeah word… its called marriage 🙁

  25. I hear ya, been there, done that, but this birdie flew that coop.

  26. Lucky… I wont leave my boys and she is hot so I work it out, lol

  27. insert clever name here

    @slim and word – I’ve been away for awhile and I gotta say I’ve missed you guys.

  28. Humour and a high sex drive. Seems like a catch to me.

  29. Good to have you back insert, missed you as well!

  30. wow this was a really good comment roll, thanks for all that!

  31. @23 Or crusty…

  32. YoinksTranslator

    I’d like to know if that actually felt good… nah I changed my mind.

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