Tuesday, February 16, 2010


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  1. Kevin is a moron!

  2. Ok, Eric made me laugh.

  3. Aint that the word? Kevin is a moron.

  4. I lol’d @ Kevin.

  5. That Kevin one got me too.

    Justin seems a bit upset

  6. i wanna see that video.

  7. the sarcasm of Eric is a win , no doubt.

    Kevin , being a smartass with a lame (and copied) remark about someones death makes you worthy of

    a) lamebook
    b) a bitchslap

  8. Eric made me laugh, Krista is stupid, firstly for not knowing about the accident and secondly for having failed to witness the awesomeness that is Cool Runnings.
    Jimmy = Fuckwit
    Justin = boring

  9. Much love to Eric.

    I’m hoping Karla’s ‘what are olympics’ is some kind of ‘english as a second language’ situation as opposed to the terrifying alternative. Regardless it reminds me of the line in Dirty Work “When is lunch?”


    about 1:30 in for anyone interested in seeing some of one of the best movies of all time 🙂

  10. Hey Jimmy? Die, kthxbi

  11. Wait, the Olympics have started?

    Also, I’m wondering how I’ve managed to miss that, yet caught the Cool Runnings joke without having ever seen the film (or knowing the name before gingivits’ comment).

  12. You should watch it. It will warm the cockles of your heart…

  13. That thread started by Justin is Classic. They should teach that in Economics class.

  14. Also Kevin’s a dick.

    That is all.

  15. Wow, some people are out to lunch! How does someone not know what the Olympics are?

    Krista = Uninformed
    Amanda = Confused
    Jimmy = Racist
    Justin = GO CANADA GO!

    And in terms of the video… DO NOT WATCH IT! You will have serious problems watching it and worse, trying to get the image out of your head. I wish I could take solace in knowing he died instantly, but I don’t think he did. It’s gut-wrenching.

    Félicitations à nos athlètes canadiens… donnez votre meilleur!

  16. lol’d hard at kevins comment…

  17. I can’t help it, I love a good pun. I lol’d, Kevin, I lol’d.

  18. ThinkingInPictures

    No, he didn’t die instantly. He passed at the hospital later. Very, very sad and the video is upsetting.

    That said, I smirked a little at Kevin’s comment… The guy is apparently an ass, but my bro and I used to make luger puns all the time during the winter olympics way back when.

  19. 🙂 That was good Eric.

  20. No, actually he died instantly. They took him to the hospital, and were attempting to revive him, but were unable to.

    Justin = fail. Not all of the money is public. It’s called sponsorships. Even still A LOT of money will be made back. Even if they lose money, it won’t be nearly that much.

    Skeptics bug me. They only look at the cost, not the benefit. Not saying which will out way which, but it will be close.

    Rant = done.

  21. as sad as that tragedy was…as insensitive as that comment is…i can’t help but giggle a bit at Kevin. Does that make me a bad person? :o/

  22. oops… that wasn’t the intended smiley.. : o / there! much better

  23. @monkeycmonkeydo – using the wrong smiley just makes you a doubly bad person 😉

  24. Ah ok well I know for a fact he was pronounced dead enroute in the ambulance. It’s the fact they spent so much time trying to resuscitate him that made me second guess whether he died on impact. It makes sense that he did since he hit the back of head on the metal pole at ~140 km/h, shattering his helmet. If he broke his C-spine at C1 or C2 then he most likely would have died instantly. That is what happened to Dale Earnhardt Sr. when he died.

    In terms of cost, I read somewhere that nearly 900 million was being spent on security. Rightly so considering the hooligans that terrorized the city on the second day by hijacking a peaceful protest. We’d spend less on it if it wasn’t for those nimrods. On a positive note, a good amount of the money spent has also gone into infrastructure, such as widening the Trans-Canada Highway, which it so sorely needed; as well, the many new athletic facilities built for the games will benefit Canadians for years to come, much like how the facilities in Calgary do.


  25. He died on impact. They tried to revive him but he was later pronounced dead. Enjoy watching that video since it actually shows a man being killed. fucking disgusting.

  26. JacksSmirkingRevenge

    I want to be friends with Eric.

  27. Eric and Aaron FT(joint)W.

    I am a bad person as I giggled a little at Kevin.

    Jimmy is a twunt.

  28. The Olympics may be expensive, but they’re worth it. Salt Lake City had all of their freeways expanded and got a brand new light rail system for the Olympics in 2002, and now getting around that city is easier than ever.

    Also, the really sad part is the Jamaican bobsled team failed to qualify for the Olympics this year, for the first time since the Cool Runnings team began.

  29. @ simplyme

    I enjoyed the video so much a had a lil tug on the downstairs hose.

    It was awesome 😀

  30. eric… HILARIOUS.. what made it even funnier is that she TOTALLY didnt catch it… lol

  31. While I agree that the improvements to transit infrastructure are positive overall, you can’t make such sweeping statements about how the olympics will benefit the city. We’ve already seen tremendous cuts to social services, not to mention that BC has the highest rate of children living in poverty of any province and homelessness has been growing at an alarming rate since Vancouver won the bid to host the games.

    Also, the crackdown on personal liberties that has accompanied the games (UBC students living in residence unable to put up signs of protest, teachers unable to show their opposition, censorship on the internet of peaceful protest videos, a law by which police could force the homeless into shelters) has personally made me considerably less proud to be a Canadian.

    But, enjoy your games. Just try to understand why other people can’t.

  32. Dr. Azizted-Homicide

    why you guys gotta luger cool over this? nothing to flip out over.

  33. none of this is funny; ignorant stupid girls that have never heard of major events that occur every four years
    (2 actually seeing as the summer olypics are coming), a racist guy, people making jokes about the dead… I am ashamed of humanity.

    Aaron ftw

  34. olympics*

  35. Hell, Salt Lake basically loaded all the homeless people downtown onto buses and shipped them out of town. When I was there 3 years after the Olympics, there were still far fewer homeless downtown than there were prior to the Games. Before the games, there were homeless people lining the sidewalks in downtown Salt Lake. So, bonus.

    Also, I think the rising homeless problem in Vancouver may have more to do with the fact that the global economy cratered since they were awarded the games. Homelessness has risen all over the place, not just Vancouver. Social services have been cut all over the place due to falling tax revenues because of the poor economy. You can’t take the Olympic games in isolation and blame it for everything that’s gone wrong in the past few years.

    Maybe Vancouver will end up worse off over time, and maybe it will be better off. It’s hard to judge the impact of the Olympics until several years after the fact.

  36. Oh Tante , you should lighten up and stop being such a doom and gloom merchant…

  37. Aaron has a great point.

  38. I love gullible people.

  39. So it definitely wasn’t the time, considering the economic climate, to allow budgets to balloon to such proportions. Also, Vancouver won the bid in July 2003, preceding the current financial crisis by roughly four years and in this time period there were already significant cuts to social services and increasing levels of homelessness.

  40. Kevin FTW!

  41. I’m obviously not going to convince you of anything zwiebellos, but I will just say that having the Olympics in your town is at best a once in a lifetime experience, one which most people will never experience. While it’s easy to find fault in any major undertaking, or even any minor undertaking, I find life is much more pleasant when I seek the good in things and enjoy opportunities when they come my way. I have really enjoyed watching the Olympics so far this year, and I’d love to be able to see them in person one day. I hope, despite your anger at your city, you’ll find time to check out at least one or two events before the opportunity passes you by.

  42. it’s okay. i just saved a bunch of money on car insurance by switching to geico.

  43. I’m a horrible person. I snorted reading Kevin’s comment.
    Oh well.

  44. Sensible Madness you are RIGHT! I’m very jealous I will not get to witness the Games in person. It is definitely a positive time in Canadian history. The stories that have come about because of the Games are tremendous. One I heard was about the team from India, who did not have matching uniforms… SO the Vancouver Indian community pitched in and provided them with what they needed.

    zwiebellos… I hope you take these inequities you see before you and do something about them… not just gripe and complain! Step up and be the next Tommy Douglas (look him up if you need to) of social reform!

    Then come back and complain.

  45. While it would be nice to think that the money spent on the Olympics would instead have been spent on homelessness and other extremely worthy causes, that is just not the case.

    Canada is getting a chance to showcase their athletes, and inspire young and old people alike all over the country. I log on to facebook and twitter and look at the news and see people trashing the Olympics and protesters smashing windows and it makes me sad. These games have only been hosted in Canada TWICE before, and I can tell you that those who were there, and those who watched those events still remember it to this day. I know that I will remember watching Alexanre Bilodeau win the first gold medal ever on Canadian soil, while his older brother, who has cerebral palsy cheers him on. Do you not think that Bilodeau will take his accomplishments and use them to help people like his brother?

    It’s too bad that cynics and chronic complainers can’t see the good in the Olympics, see how they inspire Canadians and make us proud to call it our home.

  46. insert clever name here

    @Goozilla – I am right there with you on everything you said (except for the hose part).

  47. Jimmy obviously hasn’t noticed that two of our biggest olympic competitors chasing gold at the moment are very NOT white… Shani Davis and Apolo Ohno… not to mention the countless other winter olympians that are ethnically diverse… Amanda Evora off the top of my head…

    Racists tend to prove their stupidity over and over and over again…

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